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/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs

/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs 04 6 hours agomus hes into waterwalks away while eating teddies and sippingnesquik with trendy straws1 replyEl hours agoJPG 2418 no 600x900smushes into wateryher arms begin pinwheelingspuddenly sonic boom from rotatingarmswho is moving quickly newacross the water' s surfaceht for youyou try to runait' s too latesshe hits you going over1 reply

Anon is willing to help out the poor

Anon is willing to help out the poor 5 Anonymous 07/ 05/ 1 7( Wed) 1 8: 47: 40 No.38178464aspire changes* rattles cup*yhey you, can you spare somechange?

Anon loves his mother

Anon loves his mother E Anonymous 07/ 05/ 1?(Wed) 23: 15: 27 83766Anought some cheap shirt for atWalmartttake it home and try it onago to the mirror to see if it looksgoodas KB We decently, turn slightly to checkit out and smile at myself in themirrorsplashback to when my mom would buy me clothesas a kid, put them on me and I' d turn so she cansee if they fittthen she' d smile at mespuddenly hit with massive feelsup pretty poor, mom and dad worked a lotjust to afford very basic luxuries for mewll was always happy, I always had a smile on myface, I never went wantingnow and moved to another state for work,haven' t seen my beautiful mother in a long timemar birthday is coming up, gonna get her a cardand a gift card to a clothing storeNever take anyone you have in your life for grantedanons; al View Thread l5 Anonymous / 17( Wed) 23: 46: 34 No.

Sometimes /pol/ can be pretty wholesome too

Sometimes /pol/ can be pretty wholesome too , A73 KB we military leader who was going to sit on athrone and conquer their enemies.They didn' t know the nature of the God they claimed astheir own.

Protesting the G-20 summit in Hamburg

Jesus ****, look at how controlled they operate.000 Kurds to show up to protest Erdogan.

Meeting your #1 Fan

Meeting your #1 Fan Tony considers handjob for money.Best GTA V RP Highlights #41 12 mns agoJus eating sum hotdogs and puttin 17 mns agoRandom Regiment Generator for Only War 38 mns agoWhen the plot armor is gone 50 mns agoIt's not easy having yourself a good time 1 hr agoGrans keeping the Beach Safe 1 hr agoUp in the club, just broke up 1 hr ago