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Why I can't play FPS games.

Why I can't play FPS games. "But How Come His Posts Get Upovoted And Mine Don't!" - 23 hrs ago/pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 19 hrs agoWhat a real pussy looks like 23 hrs agoThese shows are still going on 21 hrs agoSidon thinks you're the best and so do I 22 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?

The Ballad of Captain Jack

The Ballad of Captain Jack we all better movies but I honestly think that Pirates If the Caribean we comet thing hean RPG campaign that we' ll ever get.I think ytay' m actually right.

Story ideas from Tumblr

Story ideas from Tumblr it would suck being a new immortal, 1' gumit' d be sing and people wouldgo, "what was it like seeing ancient civilizations rise and fall like that?watching the expansion and growth ofthe new waddy and N just be like, “no.

/pol/ on linguistic diversity

/pol/ on linguistic diversity Parasta" / 17( Sun) 16: 30: 59 No.33123333333 ::To Learn , ,".