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/pol/ get a visit from Aleppo

/pol/ get a visit from Aleppo i (51 KB, 640x640)I A day in Aleppo Citadel Aleppo bro (ID: ) = ( T( Sun) 1 9: 51: 24 E D CIwe meosirian from aleppooil] we christianat aleppo unite.west partit allno water or power or cooking gasl snipers, bombing etc.

Anon does a God-tier TL;DR

Anon does a God-tier TL;DR IT 1- one its senses}7 ' shared Ines video.allThe want blast: people to stop the latest: on meet: on me?

/k/ommando gives dating advice

/k/ommando gives dating advice w /k/ omrades,anone of the chicks at the range are1 singler 1 knever seen a qt browsing gear at thestorehow does one find tactical honeys?date a hiker/ and /k/invert her?

/pol/lack Setups an Interview.

/pol/lack Setups an Interview. i Anonymous (1 D: almill!glialI am making for papples living in egypt and targeted by # atatinterviews}.

/adv/ on ear stretching.

/adv/ on ear stretching. 5 Anonymous Oft/ 01/ 1 7( Wed) 1 3: 53: 37 No.18011853Ear stretchingSo, it' s been a couple of monthsi , and noly earlobes are kind ofi always irritated, even when I carevery much for them.

Anon wants to catfish his friend

Anon wants to catfish his friend 3321136} goggle iqdb wait titleAnonymous 1 February 2017 r Wednesday, 7.Far example, you' d have the base file of the girl being idle, and whenever you played the clip, thegirl would wave.