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4chan in the 50's

4chan in the 50's sbe a man in the 1950' sscaming home from work from my high paying unionized job with pension and benefitsstrive my 8, 18' long car with huge fins on the backsilance out the window and see a negro walking down the streetatop at the corner bar and call the cops, watch as they beat him into a coma while sipping a Gimletsstop by the hardware store on the way home and buy several guns with no background checkagreeded by my submissive and dutiful wife with a kissagreeded by my obedient and well educated kids with a hugagreeded by my Golden Retriever carrying my slipperssait own to a dinner of afroamerican grown products that is already on tablesaftey dinner the kids do their homework and the wife does the dishesspoor myself a Canadian Club on the rocks and recline in myswatch the nightly news and see America bombing Communists in some backward shitholesimile as I remember all the Nips I killed on Guadalcanalsplan our family vacation trip to the Poconosstome for bedHuck my wife in the missionary position with no concern for her pleasureadrift off to dream of the greatness of America

Ayy Jimbo, the pizzas aggressive

Ayy Jimbo, the pizzas aggressive heyhey , did they teach you inschool that between 1950 and 1967the CIA.under the authorization ofthe US governs' performed illegalunconstitutional eninnocent american and canadiancitizens without consent, using drugs,tor' tur' e, and borean surgery to find outhow he muse e personality end centrele citizens mind completely?