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Stuff I found on /k/ 2?

Stuff I found on /k/ 2? i Anonymous 08/ 29/ 17( Tue) 10: 21: 13 No.35006751ffriend is in the RAFaon base in Central Englandflight comes in from Germanyare unloading when they discover amigrant hiding on boardhad somehow snuck onto a military base inGermany and then onto a flight without beingnoticedGRAF police and arr about what to do withthe guyfor base intruders is to escort them offbase the same way they came inthat' s not happening here since theycan' t fly him back to Germany on a Herculessin the end they decide to just dunnp him outsidethe main gate, call the border force and wipe theirhands of the whole thingsnorter takes a long time to get therer: -by the time they arrive the migrant hasdisappeared into the English countryside endingup who knows where

games memes dump #17

games memes dump #17 reference for later, move along 1 mn agoHelp stop maid abuse with a like 14 mns agoFate/Grand Order Wedding event 28 mns agoCute Girl Drinking Hot Milk 32 mns agoMan Assaults Kid, Resists Arrest 40 mns agoJust Another Day In Russia 48 mns agoPanties-Stealing Ninjas Battle 48 mns agoTop 10 COMIC BOOK / SUPER HERO Cartoons Never Made (Midnight Soci 58 mns ago

/x/ Anon sees himself

/x/ Anon sees himself Anonymous Mon ( 5 Apr 2015 17:.20 No.

Lawfag finally ends it all

Lawfag finally ends it all I ask, lawyer's.say yesdon' t try to bullshit me now, I' m a lawyer.

/x/ Anon fears the homeless

/x/ Anon fears the homeless Anonymous Wed 29 Get 2014 17: 41: 54 ReportEliot innawoods but creepiest experience I' had, he awfully the last.Hive by large river that mes under freeway rampsrent en late night cycle, like in the merningwe lights en my bikewetting near shit part of town, no knife or anything, stupid i knewea preaching end of river, decide to cut acre's dirt lot to get tn madpstart messing let which is adjacent to bridge above, but I' m not under the bridge just riding along side itiazmst back to mad, nearing dark corner mccan' t see shit under there, pitch blackiazmst to mad, looking ever at dark area hem the side as there' s light behind it new and I can see silhouettesmes peronal leeking guy standing leeking at riverHens of bums in this area so whatever, keep moving and thm' t freak out yetait' s a steep hill back up to mad, prepare tn speed upover last timemum leeks at me and his neck elongates into a fucking giraffe hacking thingm normally pretty calm out at night, never freak er see things that aren' t therewe the fuck back the way i ca me as l' new lest all speed and can get be ck faster the leng wayback and it' s just standing there swayingwet en road but in bad area, peddle my fucking legs off and pray god this homeless animorph isn' t galloping at meknever go that far again, never ride at midnight again


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Anon is in a bad spot

Anon is in a bad spot 09/ 14/ 17( Thu) 06: 09: 34 No.141455939fucks shit up in polkcountywe stores openW' s 100 fucking degrees all thetimeis not supposed to be onfor another 2 too 3 weeksPoolice stop Corning to my neighborhood afterthe first nightnly person on road with generator, it barelyworks.

Historical photos part England is my country

Historical photos part England is my country Last public guillotining in France (Eugen Weidmann), an event witnessed by the actor Christopher Lee.This practice for girls only was nearly 1000 years old, and was mainly in China, causing disabilities to many girls.

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle i, Anonymous / 14/ 17( Thu) 08: 55: 53bungle gets divorcedwas a real bitchfgets depressedaabout a year later decides he wants to beN a woman715 KB PINK) ::stakes hormones but has the build of alinebacker2' to a restaurant for another (uncle retiring from theArmythe time i was in the Marines and in my uniform forthe retirementbrny grandpa was in his army uniformr» -then my uniqlo comes dressed like 16 year old girleeveryone is embarrassedrny uncle is super loud and makes a sceneeeveryone is staring at ustthen my uncle starts crying for no goddamn reasoncanade everything about heryher

Really gets the ol nog noggin

Really gets the ol nog noggin t)!ii' to sex bots?