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Working like a dog

Working like a dog So at my work we started testing our products ondogs.I feel really bad about it and Fm not sure it' seven legal.

/b/ watches chocolate milk

/b/ watches chocolate milk File: ( uing (16 KB, 403x600)Q 2 Hey can you look after my chocolate milk whilst I' m gone?Ll Anonymous ( Thu) -Sure thing, just don' t drink all uni it.

No, I'm Dirty Dan

No, I'm Dirty Dan MI File: - Survival of the.(39 KB, 512x384)C) Anonymous 03/ 16/ 17( Thu) : 35 [Reply] Fsingles - Pinhead larrydubs - dirty dantrips - the REAL dirty dan43 replies and 9 images omitted.

Xilfu Taiv Modruec Digneysuc

Xilfu Taiv Modruec Digneysuc 9119 1299793515 99119 Kra, 512x384, )D Anonymous 03/ 10/ 1( ) 16 45 No 24180706D Anonymous/ J/ IIT) 45 No 24180758Batman' s 199 a way to 199199 when youreE Anonymous/ J/ IIT) 52 No 2418031691191299793975 pg-( 20 , )D Anonymous/ J/ IIT) 54 No 24180943and he thd what?D Anonymous/ J/ IIT) 55 No 2419997599991159 , myHE WAS JUST THERED Anonymous/ J/ IIT) 55 No 241809859999119 KB, 452x363, 1298682682806 myD Anonymous/ J/ IIT) 55 No 24180999pg-( 178 KB, 631x474, )Problem?

Kickass Fact Comp #16

Kickass Fact Comp #16 Click to block a category: beastkenten prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment www.usatoday.

Getting close to family.

Getting close to family. i Anonymous 'H/ ( Fri) 20: 16: 08kneed to come out to parentswwant to do it in a way that' sinteresting and refreshinggoes off over my head40 KB we parody and sing it in front of them!"sprend --30 minutes writing 'lyrics'over a Meghan Trainer instrumentalapparently, it' s harder than it looksfrom my den into the living room wheremy parents are watching TVIquorn, Dad.

Anon listens to music

Anon listens to music Ll Anonymous 101 13115( T ) 1% : 16 926 [Reply] F :: 2:; -5953211433 ]glistening to some new experimental shitspuddenly reamingfit the song perfectlytthis actually sounds pretty goodllisten to it again the next morningrm reamingffind out that the reaming was a weman being stabbed to death on the sidewalk in front of my housetthe police asked me if i heard anythingmmfwyou did this to me Emu!

Anon gets drunk and leaves his number in 4chan thread

Anon gets drunk and leaves his number in 4chan thread l 5 Anonymous 09/ 06/ 16( Tue) 00: 35: 04mthree years agorreally drunkrapost my number on ychanasking someone to call me andtell me a story til i fall asleepsthis bald motherfucker righthere calls mesteals me a story about a bear who switchesplaces with a human for a dayhowmany keks til i fall asleepa weekly ritualsterne goes on and its less stories and moregeneral conversationmthree years later hes getting marriedmasks me to bethe best man in his weddingAly up the mast to stay at his house for theweekendffriends and family all know 1: " me so its kindaweirdabut everyones really fucking chill especially hisfriends234 KB JPGprobably one of the best weekends of my life, allthanks to ID}.and to think i was gonna axe murder him.