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questioning my own sexuality.

questioning my own sexuality. Shak III" 2.19 pm 15 516 :1-Board /rold- T Settings HomeE Anonymous tyw/ 03/ 17( Tue) 14: 07: 41eevery girl you' ll ever kisshad another guy' s cock inher mouthHow can I even kiss a113 KB We woman' s mouth'?

15 frames of fame

15 frames of fame :::::::::::I first tried it with a green-painted chair so that it, too, could be removed via chroma-key.None could fathom the horror of the flabby bikini man floating in mid-air, as though God had forsaken both man and physical laws.

/pol/itician does math.

/pol/itician does math. deed '?( Tue) 1& Ma' 08Jra'Europeans the other murdered ‘ISMAfricans.

/x/phile is psychic

/x/phile is psychic C) Anonymous ) : 15 LiAm I psychic?I have this ability know where people are evenwhen I easel see them.

Anon drives to work

Anon drives to work Anonymous mow/ 01: 15] 112178539.ago onbbe meon outskirts metropolitan areasevera day make this commute on freeway000 people use it everyday and pay tollsis only 4 lanes, 2 lanes each directiontthey' been doing road work for over 4fucking yearsnnothing has changedday it' s bumper to bumpereevery other day there is a car crashroad's minutes to everyone' s commutehoundreds of thousands in property damageseach yearbajillions spent on laborit' s just brown people working on theroadlitterally just 6 people standing there watchingone person dig with a shovel

My Life In Memes Finally Pt. 15

My Life In Memes Finally Pt. 15 Everyone's Got an Ideal Waifu 22 hrs agoUsing childrens book as argument 22 hrs agoEvery game should learn from this 22 hrs agoYou wouldn't read the description 22 hrs agohow is life treating you?15 hrs agoThats why you don´t play love god kids 17 hrs agohe likes our pretty songs 18 hrs agoCanadian Cannibal Set Free 18 hrs agoWhen you play too much Assassin's Creed 16 hrs agoHow a frame is drawn on screen in DOOM.

Large and in charge, HP’s 15-inch Spectre x360 makes no compromises

Large and in charge, HP’s 15-inch Spectre x360 makes no compromises As a 360-degree 2-in-1, the Spectre x360 15 offers the typical four usage modes: traditional notebook, tent mode, presentation mode, and tablet.Every new Spectre x360 15 includes an active N-Trig pressure-sensitive pen, which provides another solid input mechanism that greatly enhances the 2-in-1 experience.

Anon's a morning person

Anon's a morning person i Anonymous 02/ 15/ 17( Wed) 18: 47: 09 No.34898847Imagine being able to wake upwith this same joy and desire tobegin another day, not crawlingout of your bed in a stupor ofdepression and stumblingtowards the tasks at hand.

Man Protects 15 year old girl from Sexua

Full Sauce: Background story: This girl was 15 years old, and the man with the bloody nose first started talking to the girl in a sexual manner.The man started to become more aggressive by caressing her hand.

Anon Gets caught for gore

Anon Gets caught for gore i Anonymous ( Thu) 15: siir: , blo.35081762IAI live in Indiana, theshithole of America.