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Historical photos part 1776

Historical photos part 1776 A crowd of youths taunt Dorothy Counts, 15, as she walks to the previously all-white Harding High School to enroll, September 4, 1957, Charlotte, NC.In particular he noted the ease with which Mark David Chapman had become famous after killing John Lennon.

But what would you do AFTER that?

But what would you do AFTER that? Click to block a category: worldatarms prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment prev next File: _ igg (80 KB, 960x720)What would you do noI -1 D Anonymous (WTT/ 15( Mort) 18: 42: 42 No.639677438 F " 639677664 639677770 6391ll no 1' uti]open eyesIll!

why EA needs to die

why EA needs to die Com mend 4: Tiberian Twilight Community HubLiefeld disciples of Nod, for the end is seen upon us.Electronic Arts' andTiberium saga is coming to a powerful conclusionwith Charmand S: Conquer d, which will introduce amultitude of in the classic fast and fluidii Conquer gameplay, while retaining theStrategy RTS meg sun

Anon explains Quantum Gayness

Anon explains Quantum Gayness i Anonymous 09111/ 15( Fri) : 56: 15We some trap an anon posted a fewdays ago.I didn' t save the pics withSQ I her dick in them because I' m not gay244 KB JPGhas long as you cam see the dick it' s not gaySchrodinger' s faggot

Neverwinter Celebrates 15 Million Total Players

Neverwinter Celebrates 15 Million Total Players Neverwinter, a free-to-play MMORPG, loosely based on the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset has recently reached an impressive milestone – 15 million total players across the platforms(PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One).Acknowledging such an accomplishemnt, the developers at Cryptic Studios have recorded a special thank you video: And here's an excerpt from the press release:

GC: cringe comp 15

guy gets sucker punched by female then delivers equality 19 hrs agoNow that's dedication to the role 22 hrs agoWe live in the dankest time of human history 22 hrs agoIn FIFA 94, you could run away from the referee when he books you 23 hrs agoRobots discuss who they should give up their seat to 23 hrs agoThe naked truth about IT in 2017 18 hrs ago

Gigabyte targets graphics pros, PC gamers with its new Pantone-certified laptop

Gigabyte targets graphics pros, PC gamers with its new Pantone-certified laptop On Tuesday, Gigabyte introduced the Aero 15, the world’s first Pantone-certified laptop built for professionals.The Pantone aspect is important because it means the display can match the colors used in the physical Pantone color space.