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LOOK AT THAT FACE TURN The trash will show you the way 23 hrs agoSchoolchildren learn about 9/11 22 hrs agoTrashyStuff episode 2: The kids are on LSD 22 hrs agoWho looks at the titles anyway 21 hrs ago"What's it like growing up in an Indian family" 19 hrs agoChoosing the harder path for sympathy points.23 hrs ago

Star Trek Online: Season 14 – Emergence Announced

Star Trek Online: Season 14 – Emergence Announced Star Trek: The Next Generation will mark its 30th anniversary this September, and to celebrate such an occasion the folks behind Star Trek Online have a rare treat in store for us – LeVar Burton will reprise his part as Geordi La Forge in a couple of featured episodes within the game.The first episode will launch on September 12, 2017 for PC, and the second one will kick off STO's next major update, Season 14 – Emergence, in October.

UK FJers, explain this

UK FJers, explain this Last Updated: Friday, 21 September 2007, 13: 21 GMT 14: 21 UKE Femail this to a friend a Printable versionPolice defend drowning death caseSharia UK: London policedive into canal to rescueQur' ansNOVEMBER 22.CDA' v' ll'Police chiefs have defendedtwo community supportofficers did notenter the water as a IO-boy drowned in apond.

CARL ep. 14: Paranoia

CARL ep. 14: Paranoia Here breathe intoCalm down, this bag,you' ll hurtyou rself.There' s already a second one,Yo Carl, dad wants to see us.

Getting a haircut from walmart.

Getting a haircut from walmart. Jon Snow gets to work in the dragonglass mine 8 mns agoAn obviously true story that really happened 26 mns agoThe more you watch it the funnier it gets 29 mns agoThis is one good blackpill 1 hr agoYep, because that's how you keep allies 1 hr agoAsh gets another kiss, this time from Tapu Lele 1 hr agoMore like KameHAHAmeha, right?1 hr ago

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer.

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer. One dead in Charlottesville protest (terrorism) 3 mns agoTerrorist attack in Charlottesville 7 mns agoI haven't seen this movie.Any good?

Anon tells the story of his conception

File: (47 KB, 800x530)Cl Anonymous 0811 at 1 T( Wed) 1 3: 14: 13 -emem telling me the story haw her and my dad metmmy mom is white american, my dad is full arabicmmom proceeds to explain they met over 15 years ago over an internet chat momthat my dad' s english was probably shit at that time cause he still lived in Jordan, a countryall the memes about arab/ indians dudes harassing white girls aminekl can nest the wistsmmfw i realize that i was most send: levee from my dad saying "hale l: beutiful show bob"meant to say indian'