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SJW goes to bootcamp

SJW goes to bootcamp 5101" St Cli itIllest DP IE: mmg" 14 horas - anSir, this recruit is offended by that word, sir.#My Marine instructor insulted me by using the reword.

/v/ plays as Vin diesel

/v/ plays as Vin diesel 1: 3 333553521 (OFOtlg "' Here' s a fun storywe playing gmod with about 14 other /v/ irgins.griffinin this pony T sewerenabled (PACO is just a decoration tool for players)mmy default PAC outfit for new has sonra'_.

Anon gets feels from The Weather Channel

Anon gets feels from The Weather Channel File: t' we.htmlmy Anonymous 07/ 11/ 17( Tue) 11: 14: 22 hlo.

Why do women get better grades than men?

Why do women get better grades than men? If Anonymous (ID: ) E 14 July 2017 ' Friday, AM v 'l 3362 0866 33621164 33621453 3133622651 * 133624362 33628 333 3363 365733634484 31Don' t females generally score better academically?13361‘ r' 662 v 3613361611?

Really makes u think

Really makes u think diversity rankingMay 14, 3015 12:.00 AMBy Joyce Gannon/ Pittsburgh23 1 mPittsburgh is one of the least diverse places inthe Ufa, according to a new study ofcities that considered factors such as the types Ijobs and industries as well as race and ethnicalLocalPittsburgh Mast Livable City inContinental U.

Anon takes pictures of women

Anon takes pictures of women E Anonymous 07/ 14/ 17( Fri) 18: 49: 34aat Universal Islands ofAdventure with my familywaving a fun timeishall of a sudden two cute72 KB JPG girls around my age comeover to me and ask me totake their picture with their phonetake their picture and they go en theirwayWhy did they cheese me?The nerdy, beta,zit faced 20 year old?

Robot summons the devil

Robot summons the devil E Anonymous ' 14/' 17( Fri) 15: 49:' 12 No.38371043bungle was dying of canceraon hospital bedsaid he had 1 day left to livemad, go to my room and lock the doordecide to do a blood sacrifice19 KB We by sacrificing rny life for hisadrew a pentagram on a piece of paperand then cut my palm with a knife and soaked the paperwith bloodsprayed that my uncle gets better in exchange for my lifeenext day uncle makes a miraculous recoveryThis was just a coincidence arright?

Anon on Trump's Legacy

Anon on Trump's Legacy i, Anonymous (ID: ) E07/ 15/ 17( Sat) 2227: 18 No.And when they look back and see thederegulation, and the reduction in illegal entries into theUdah, and all the confidence he brought to workers andbusinesses all across the country, etc.

I Hate Fairy Land #14

I Hate Fairy Land #14 Memes with a spiciness of around 20 scolville units 31 mns agoTake a rest friend.I shall deal with this 37 mns agoReal Life Stop Motion Combined With Legos 41 mns agoWhich suicide made you happier?

/his/ describes a moneyless society

/his/ describes a moneyless society Ll Anonymous C) 7/ 22/ 17( Sat) 14: 19: 44 No.3124158 PHow would a moneyless society work?

Anon tries to commit suicide with a bow

Anon tries to commit suicide with a bow 5 Anonymous 07/ 23/ 17( Sun) 16: 14: 22 No.38567688MFW I tried to commit suicideonce.