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Anon gyms at night

Anon gyms at night as Li Anonymous ( : 14Embarrassing with stones threadplate at nightmac}: of negro africanusbut only time I can workoutthey start staringmetall over to meMeel like running but too beta to moxieswan: past mewe harass carcano bunnyr start getting grabbyishnesscoalition of swole staff runs inaangry greek manballoon animal black manyskole white guy named swanmaintenance guy holding wrenchdmini fight commencesneegro topples plate racktell them gripniggers scurry outagree}: man pats me on backg, rou did the right thing getting our attention"pm I was the one whoEl AnonymouseE I Anonymous : : vIman

historical photos comp part 14

historical photos comp part 14 Beyrle is thought to be the only American soldier to have served with both the U.People celebrate after the last removal of a Communist regime in a Warsaw Pact country.

GC: cringe comp 14

GC: cringe comp 14 How could someone be this lonely 1 mn agoTwitch Chat controlled couch 2 mns agoInfoWar's Alex Jones Has Nothing On Tuck Buckford 3 mns agoEveryone here is preparing for Refugees 7 mns ago3 types of people at a bar 11 mns agoWhen you remember when you were 13 15 mns agoMum not convinced of Daughters "First Shot" 19 mns agoNext Soulsbourne (possible copy) Game 21 mns ago

Anon tries a social experiment

Anon tries a social experiment 5 Anonymousin class todaybe mein class todaysociology aka Shih/ bootcampskew.14 with bad10 KB attitude sits next to meon my shitty Ah/ ID Hptouchscreen laptopon ychani notice she is looking at my screensecretlyon this board in the middle of classscroll down a littlepornshe went to sit somewhere else a andlooked at me in disgust the rest of the class5 AnonymousTell her it was a social experiment

DaVinci Resolve receives major update, Studio version drops to $299

DaVinci Resolve receives major update, Studio version drops to $299 Just last year, a full-scale video-editing component was added, and now Blackmagic Design is already taking things a giant step further with DaVinci Resolve 14.Announced this week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, version 14 brings significant performance improvements, professional audio editing, and even lowers the price for the Studio version from $999 to just $299.

GC: cringe comp 15

guy gets sucker punched by female then delivers equality 19 hrs agoNow that's dedication to the role 22 hrs agoWe live in the dankest time of human history 22 hrs agoIn FIFA 94, you could run away from the referee when he books you 23 hrs agoRobots discuss who they should give up their seat to 23 hrs agoThe naked truth about IT in 2017 18 hrs ago