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OP's grandpa is a war vet

OP's grandpa is a war vet MI File: broke mike and shimada an I (120 KB, 1004x654)is 95 years oldwwas in a British tank batallion during WWIIwwas stationed in Europe several times during the conflictwwas always a role model for me, and a tough gusto heartwe visit him the other day at his beach housewrought my laptop with Girls und Panzer on ittthought he would think it fun that old tanks from his time arenow used inHell him I have show himpstart with first episodewe just sits there with a blank expressionhalfway through the episode he asks me to stopbasks me to leave him alonewe retreats into his study mumbling something like This is what i fought for"-ihaven' t heard from him sincewhat do I do?I didn' t mean to upset him.

"Trump's pick will ruin education"

"Trump's pick will ruin education" Trends in American Public Schooling Since 1970200%180%160%140%120%100%1970CostEmployeesEnrollmentE - nee scoresscoresscores19912012Total cost" is the fullamount spent on the k-education ofa student graduating inthe given year, adjustedfor inflation.In 1970: , 903In 2010: , 426Data sources:LE.