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/x/ outsmarts a demon

/x/ outsmarts a demon 5 Anonymous 12/ 07/ 16( Wed) 21 :04: 57we KB wemmake deal with denim to get e shit ton of goldruse geld to fund filtering salt Gut of entire Oceanruse retraining funds to launch salt into orbitmelt forms ring around the earthreihen demon hernes back to fuck we LIP, it caratget pass salt circle

anon makes a friend

anon makes a friend Anonymous ) 12: 24: 32 No.34:sbe metit after 2 yearsmet on tinder and post pics of my abs etcattatches are loving itHeat forward two weeksween out with at girls, meeting another that nightmet to bar, she doesn' t look like picturestuck it, it' s easy tangshave a couple drinks and then 1 ask to go back to her placeaha is really into itmet a cab and I finger her in the backback to her place in harlemfucking brother is on the CouchHay "oh hehey how are you doing man"she looks up and gruntsknotice he' s playing MESHpstart talking with him about vidya while girl tries to drag me into her roomI spent on drinks and cab fare to play 1/ idya with the girl' s brother for It hoursGot his number, should I text him today?

Really makes u think

Really makes u think diversity rankingMay 14, 3015 12:.00 AMBy Joyce Gannon/ Pittsburgh23 1 mPittsburgh is one of the least diverse places inthe Ufa, according to a new study ofcities that considered factors such as the types Ijobs and industries as well as race and ethnicalLocalPittsburgh Mast Livable City inContinental U.

Robot summons the devil

Robot summons the devil E Anonymous ' 14/' 17( Fri) 15: 49:' 12 No.38371043bungle was dying of canceraon hospital bedsaid he had 1 day left to livemad, go to my room and lock the doordecide to do a blood sacrifice19 KB We by sacrificing rny life for hisadrew a pentagram on a piece of paperand then cut my palm with a knife and soaked the paperwith bloodsprayed that my uncle gets better in exchange for my lifeenext day uncle makes a miraculous recoveryThis was just a coincidence arright?