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Robot likes chinese food

Robot likes chinese food Anonymous I 34629781 ll y a 12 h It!ggo to the same chinese takeoutrestaurant, every single thursday andI sunday, for 9 yearstribe owners are a nice elderly chinesewoman and her husband, and theirdaughter works in the shopI visit they treat me reallynicely, the daughter is smiling and Iassume she has a crush on mealways take a bottle of soy sauce witha picture of my face glued on and makethem use itmay extra to have their daughter call meaalways thought it was just a fun laughan Triennial grocers near my housea few weeks agoknotice the chinese woman who ownsthe storesshe is talking to some white ladysuecide to eavesdroptthey are talking about her shopsshe says 'it is nice to own a shop butsome customers are very creepy, like oneman who is scaring my daughter'ftfw my heart broke in that momenthaven' t been back since9 REPLIES

Anon isn't worried

Anon isn't worried i Anonymous (ID: ') ITE02/ 07/ 17( Tue) 12: 39: 38 No.111430596TRUMP: I "LEARN A LOT WATCHING" TVE WAS WRONG r THAT' S up FROM 51% IN MARCH G EVEN DEMOCRAT ' r282 KB JPGDoes it ever bother you that the POTUS spends so muchof his time watching cable news and talk shows?

An/o/n repairs a flat tire

An/o/n repairs a flat tire i Anonymous 02/ 12/ 17( Sun) 10: 58: 59 No.16653331spull carto side of roadwhisper to car that it' s been very good toralehold on this will just take a second andthen everything will be alrightmay feel a little pressureaafter smoking one last cigarette with car, talkinglike we used to back in the daysthe time has comeeyes it' ll be okay desuait' ll all be over soonbefire multiple bullets through engine blocki Anonymous 02/ 12/ 17( Sun) 1 1 :18: 22 No.

FJ this Valentine's Day

FJ this Valentine's Day 5 Anonymous ( Wed) 18: 12: 22 hlo/ 26382548will be get fucked by Chadthis Valentine' s DayWihile you watch tranny porn,thinking its not gay7 KB JPG5 Anonymous ;' 16( Wed) 18: 20: 00 No.26382672OP atweekend Chad will give her the D all nightlongWihile you sit alone and play with your schlong.

12 ways to brake the usa

12 ways to brake the usa 12 WAYS TO BREAK THE USAfrom Atlas of Prejudice by Yankosf!prI tto"Hedonism " Microwaves " Smarty PantsI Square " Barbecue Belt " Bible Beltintellectuals " Deep Fried SouthH West Coast Hip Hop " Racists in Denial I vegansSamples " : ists I CarnivoresEast Coast Hip HopNasty winters " BurgersH oshiete H People Who Will Go to Heaven " TacosFried ChickenCaucasia " Stand Your Ground "1 Land of aMexico " Stand Your Sinkhole " Tornado Mey

Score 10 percent off Parallels Desktop 12 with coupon code through Feb 24

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There's something strange....

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