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MEMRI TV part 11

MEMRI TV part 11 When you uninstall league of legends 1 mn agoWhat is once seen, cannot be unseen.2 mns agoJust put the cat in another room 4 mns agoSo, there's this comic I found.

Anon plays with his sister's barbies

Anon plays with his sister's barbies Board room Politically Incorrect ' Settings Home11 pp139668768 #SameI mean as a kid if I saw one of my sister' s barbies Iwould play with it just so I had another action figureto use when I was playing pretend.These days if a kid does that his parents wouldautomatically assume he wants to be a girl and askhim leading questions until they have convincedhim he wants to be a girl.

they say thats racist

they say thats racist aaq' suspect is teen who received a heart transplant aftercontroversy we years ago.Details at it11 CE) PM - 31 Mar 2015 Detailsthat' s the Best pictyre yall has ttimeTypical white media trying tn make us leek pad- Fucking racists asswhite peeple misrepresents us-I' m tired m the meets ', us heir like stereotypes.

Don't mansplain things to me

Don't mansplain things to me IF ANYONE LOSES ELECTRICITY THIS ISHOW TOU CAN CHARGE YOUR PHONElama11: I Sepa, 2017MI 3 Retweets l 1 ,1 wtt LikesMichael Hirsch FILE.iii) " astit Replying to (This can actually discharge phone fasterinstead of charging because 91/ batterymirage collapses under heavy phonedischargeOm (ghee EilHirsch FILE.

Voice of a tumor

Voice of a tumor In 1934, 11 British woman heard a.toay' Please don' tbe afraid,, I know it must beshocking for IOU to hear mespeaking to you like this, but this isthe easiest way I could think of,, Myfriend and I used to work.

MorbidGav: morbid comp 11

MorbidGav: morbid comp 11 Just Your Average Japanese School 5 mns agoDungeons and Dragons in VR?13 mns agoTHIS WILL GIVE YOU CANCER 16 mns agoJuncker - let them all in, no matter the cost!