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Robot feels like Chad

Robot feels like Chad File: goolge_.igg (44 KB, 1067x600)D Anonymous 07/ ( Mon) 23: 24: 51 No.

/k/ gets a shotgun

/k/ gets a shotgun I' m newguys, and I bought this Meelee 10 yesterday for 315, and took ittrap shooting an hour later.Leave this thing, and it helps that I have aknack fer trap sheeting.

Schoolchildren learn about 9/11

Schoolchildren learn about 9/11 Fife:.' (38 KB, 1366x768)I Anonymous (ID: ).

Anon has a terrible dick

Anon has a terrible dick E Anonymous 07/ ( Fri) 15: 45: 25Anyone else here have a terrible dick?I have about an inch and a half ofcircumcision scarring, hair that goesmore halfway up the shaft, a crackedhead and follicles where hair never grew59 KB we out of, but they' re still visible so they looklike an std, The only consolation is that atthe very least it' s about average in terms of size.

Anon wants to smoke weed with gf

Anon wants to smoke weed with gf i Anonymous 07/ 28/ I 7( Fri) 1 9: 1 7: 58 No.38682639How do I convince my to take magicmushrooms with me?

Anon is on vacation

Anon is on vacation i Anonymous 08/ 07/ 17( Mon) 20: 26:.78046888forced ' to take a 2-week vacationsait at home and have nothingelse to do than browsing /int/ and83 KB PNGI wish I was at work right now, noteven memeingi Anonymous 'i% 08/ 07/ 1 7( h/ lon) 20: 29: 44 No.

Anon is at vacation

Anon is at vacation 5 Anonymous 08/ 07/ 1 7( Mon) 20: 26: 41 blo.78046888forced mete take a 2-week vacationasit at home and have nothingelse to do than browsing /int/ and83 KB PNGI wish I was at work right now, noteven5 Anonymous = 08/ 07/ 1 7( Mon) 20: 29: 44 talo.

/v/irgin plays Cucked Kings 2

/v/irgin plays Cucked Kings 2 i Annymous 08/ 24/ ) 07: 49: 11In Crusader Kings II, I actuallycocked my friends to death.bin MP with brosas its PNG char creation, i give my boy afuck load of health and charismaagame startseveryone finds wives and makes with the lineagecontinuingmick the seduction focusH can new attempt to drop dong en any weman inthe gameso high it almost always werksspecced do with the bros wivesibeat several of them the buzzerttheir firstborn is actually minemick my way around europeessentually catch super AIDS from some frenchharlotmy health stat is so high it keeps my dick fromrotting off and killing meanew anyine I fuck has a chance of catching thesuper NDSsbut they don' t have the health sat cranked up likeI do, so it will eventually kill themfuck my pres wiveswaives catch the super AIDStthey give it to their husbands before dyingexpres all diemany of their heirs aren' t even theirsbl committed regicide with my ceck

What the actual fuck...

What the actual fuck... Friday at 9: 07 PM.E)Allies":Just because your friend (of color) is comfortable withyou and invites you into a brown or black spacedoesn' t mean that you should take them up on theoffer.

Leaf brings the heat

Leaf brings the heat 5 Anonymous (ID: (tehkiller.) PI07/ 21/ 16( Thu) 20: 56: 36 No.

RIP Martin Shkreli What did he mean by this?

RIP Martin Shkreli What did he mean by this? new Sprint as 10: 07 PM "O' t 20% E-a CE] Add a Location © MoreAlexaRN _ Anime tiddiesMartin Shirelylam not under any emotional duress.

Anon mentions something in class

Anon mentions something in class i Anonymous 09/ 05/ ( Tue) 07: 45: 14 blo.we in classpetiton' t really remember how we got to thispoint but idly mention that I ' t wantto bang used goodsasks me why and I say thateveryone is horrified by the idea of usingeachother' s fleshlights and sextoys or134 KB JPG even so what' s thedifference between that and a real humanconstantly all the women in the class start screeching likebaboonswhatever i don' t give a fuck15 Replies I 7 Images View Thread