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Robot introduces someone to his therapist

Robot introduces someone to his therapist i Anonymous 04/ 27/ 17( Thu) 05: 09: 54You guys thought it was agood idea to introduce mywaifu to the therapistCKB JPG5 Anonymousintroduce my waifu to the therapistTOP KEKThat therapist probably needed a therapisthimself after that session.i Anonymous04/ 2 ffl 7( Thu) 05: 1 2: 35 No.

/g/entleman installs gentoo

/g/entleman installs gentoo Ci Anonymous 05/ 01/ 17( Mon) 09: : 09 No.Only pros use this.

Anon asks the real question.

Anon asks the real question. E Anonymous 06/ ( Frmo: 05: 52Would catgirls makeeffective soldiers in anarmy?blot tomention their increased fertility rates allowsa high population, allowing their farces toreplenish in time.

Anon is willing to help out the poor

Anon is willing to help out the poor 5 Anonymous 07/ 05/ 1 7( Wed) 1 8: 47: 40 No.38178464aspire changes* rattles cup*yhey you, can you spare somechange?

Anon loves his mother

Anon loves his mother E Anonymous 07/ 05/ 1?(Wed) 23: 15: 27 83766Anought some cheap shirt for atWalmartttake it home and try it onago to the mirror to see if it looksgoodas KB We decently, turn slightly to checkit out and smile at myself in themirrorsplashback to when my mom would buy me clothesas a kid, put them on me and I' d turn so she cansee if they fittthen she' d smile at mespuddenly hit with massive feelsup pretty poor, mom and dad worked a lotjust to afford very basic luxuries for mewll was always happy, I always had a smile on myface, I never went wantingnow and moved to another state for work,haven' t seen my beautiful mother in a long timemar birthday is coming up, gonna get her a cardand a gift card to a clothing storeNever take anyone you have in your life for grantedanons; al View Thread l5 Anonymous / 17( Wed) 23: 46: 34 No.

Skippy Lists out of Hiatus 9/?

Skippy Lists out of Hiatus 9/? Anonymous (/ 10( Mon) 05: 06 No.11219375smoke sticks do not conceal the party' s entry into a dungeonsmoke sticks do not damage enemies in their radiusam not allowed to carry smoke sticksshould not interrupt the lvl 20 cleric when he is informing us of the threat to the realmwill listen to the lvl 20 cleric when he tells me to shut upthe lvl 20 clerk' s silence spell, henceforth, will still be effective, even when a natural 20 is rolled on one' s will save.

Anon goes for a jog

Anon goes for a jog Anonymous ( Sun) 18: 05: 43I think I fucked up todaybbe mewe going for a jog in the park on my restdaythugging forward faster than everpprobably gonna be new PR36 KB we this shortlisting girl in my waywho' s looking at her phonewant to cut the corner so I keep running the way i' mcurrently goingmdoing too well to move out of the way, as I' d have toslow downinkjet closer, realize she hasn' t seen meLyell "MOVE THE FUCK AWAY!" as i run right into herbi weigh about 180 pounds, she probably weighedmaybe 100 pounds, at mosttthe scream startled her so much she dropped herphonerun on her phone, probably cracked it toorel run right into her, knocking her overbit was concrete where i ran into heraactually heard a sort of "smack" or "thump" can' t reallyremember, but i definitely heard something a split secondafter i hit herjpgllook behind messhe' s not movingscared to go back nowtjust keep running homerread in local news the next day that girl was rushed tohospital with a bad concussion after being foundyesterdayWill I go to jail for this?

we wuz innawoods n' shit

we wuz innawoods n' shit II I when shes starts hitchin, innawoods.-l RAN innawoods- This is the story ofthe sketchy operation.

Anon mentions something in class

Anon mentions something in class i Anonymous 09/ 05/ ( Tue) 07: 45: 14 blo.we in classpetiton' t really remember how we got to thispoint but idly mention that I ' t wantto bang used goodsasks me why and I say thateveryone is horrified by the idea of usingeachother' s fleshlights and sextoys or134 KB JPG even so what' s thedifference between that and a real humanconstantly all the women in the class start screeching likebaboonswhatever i don' t give a fuck15 Replies I 7 Images View Thread