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Dote Faim Zoutashu Goutyi

Dote Faim Zoutashu Goutyi I Anonymous 04/ 02/ 17( Sur) 3: 18: 65lenient raic) ruiend later eneremiteiro' :; behind theH I Anonymous 04/ 02/ 17( Sun)?No.

Anon's pet hamster

Anon's pet hamster Anonymous 07/ ) 06: 02: 42 No.aways 235235923 EmsFile: massage as KB, 500x375)this gives me an opportunity ive been meaning to share from when i was 7 and kept tomyselfwe Twave a dwarf hamster named kennyremold winter and snowstormswas shaking coldbought a soot silver microwave and taught me how to use itsstill didnt know how to use itatall i was able to comprehend was that it heats up food but its fasttthought to my that heat + spinning around = entertaining hamsterGwenny goes into the fucking microwaveactually crying as i type this, btwimeant to set timer for 20 seconds but set it for two minutesattention span caused mete not notice and go back to playing with my hot wheels carsbooms backswan the doormy fucking dwarf hamster is now burnt goo and it smelled like actual shit and firewood at the same timekawent to therapy after thatamommy put the microwave higher so i cant reach ityear later get new hamster named georgei miss my hamster "

The XRAY Results Are In

The XRAY Results Are In i Anonymous 08/ 02/ 1 7( Wed) 1 : 1 2: 1 No.740856826xray request here are the rules:1- thin fabric and light colorspreferable2- no bra or bikini3- good quality pic4- no niggers702 KB PNG5 Anonymous 08/ 02/ 1 7( Wed) 1 : 1 2: 53 No.