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Can this sleek pen replace your ruler? We used Instrumments' 01 to measure everything in sight

Can this sleek pen replace your ruler? We used Instrumments' 01 to measure everything in sight Enter the 01, an ultra-compact, pen-shaped measurement tool by Canadian startup Instrumments.It’s a lot to deliver, but in our short time with a pre-production 01, we were impressed by what the little measuring tool could do.

killer robots from the future

killer robots from the future 6 Tweet ckSarah (mar.RoomSarah O' Connors @sar.

Anon on "being yourself"

Anon on "being yourself" i Anonymous 03/ 26/ 17( Sun) 01: 44: 45OPA#the funny thing is this is actually great advice forpeople looking for genuine friendships andrelationships, if youre putting on an act you willjust attract people you don' t really even get alongwith, dent have fun around and who are of poorcharacter who put up with insincere relationshipsand it wont end well, but if you just be yourselfbro, even if you are the biggest autistic retard onthe planet, if we interact with enough peoplewe' ll eventually find people who really click withwe we can be honest with, although that doesn' tmean we can yourself to associate withbetter and better peoplehowever most people on here, AND normies, dentlike this advice because all they care about isgetting approval from popular attractive peopleeven if they are dysfunctional shitty people allwhile blaming other people for being shallow fornot accepting themit it

Anon doesn't suck

Anon doesn't suck I Anonymous 03/ 29/ 1 7( l/ hyd) 01 :05: 37 No.35872600little kids are great at making you feel like ycu' re not worthlessmister visiting with my 3 and a half year old niecere all sitting at a table together setting up some (famine gamehand twitches and I accidentally knock them dawn before they were all set upaniece says "why did uncle anon do that?

SpongeBob's Nutty Adventure

SpongeBob's Nutty Adventure Ken M on Hitler's Watercoloring 23 hrs agoFallout has some deep conversations 16 hrs agoTrashCat will stab you with stolen memes 8 hrs agoWhen You're Rich but Stupid 21 hrs agoAt least they gave him a bear 22 hrs agoTomo-chan wa Onnanoko!pt.

/pol/ discusses the titanic

/pol/ discusses the titanic Board /pol/ - T I Settings Home5 Anonymous (ID: i E’04/ 03/ 17( hhow) 01: 35: 50 No.49 KB JPG5 Anonymous (ID: )liq04/ 03/ 1 7( hhow) 01 :36: 41 No.

/ck/ does not like skin

/ck/ does not like skin Anonym caus l El!and artificialshed semes eventuallyprefere I can put my napkin en my lap.

/g/entleman installs gentoo

/g/entleman installs gentoo Ci Anonymous 05/ 01/ 17( Mon) 09: : 09 No.Only pros use this.