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/g/entleman installs gentoo

/g/entleman installs gentoo Ci Anonymous 05/ 01/ 17( Mon) 09: : 09 No.Only pros use this.

Why guys don't show emotion

Why guys don't show emotion Cif,),) r/ Askreddit01% 1/ pharao.skier (What questions would you like theopposite gender to answer?

Anon is the clear winner

Anon is the clear winner File: fiat.ipg (114 KB, 699x800)Li Anonymous 07/ ( Tue) 18: 50: 01 Fme on my new gaming laptopFfriend calls me onto discordme if We had a hot day of sex (l know where this is going)s Proceeds to tell me that he lost his virginity to said day aboveeBay congratstell him I finished dark souls 3 and its dim (which he is play)quiet for a few secondsthe discordI think we all know who' s the winner hereimage familiar

OP's little brother plays Tropico

OP's little brother plays Tropico File: _ gil (954 KB, 680x6431Ill Anonymous / : 01: 43.tropico 4 free on humblebundlebrother has steam am, get him the gameattell him its a giftredownload him the game, he really gets into itout 3 months later hes showing me his cityorganized the town into two parts.

Anon is a Cop

Anon is a Cop Anonymous (tit, (/ NFO )as 2 of 1 4( Sat) 01 :38: 43 No.5438981 76a copdoing cop thingsa guy driving like 15 milesbelow the speed limitM me has Reweaving around like amotherfuckerwan see lots of smoke coming out of hiswindowshe' s blazing it pull him overup to his window and he rolls it downMe' s got a fucking hot plate plugged into hiscigarette lightermotherfucked' is making pancakes while drivingand burned them