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Anon tries to fap.

Anon tries to fap. i Anonymous 01/ 17/ 17( Tue) 12: 07: 30 No.4511419incognito modebecause I don' t want rrly girl tocatch meyhave like 30 pages up of stuffup, ready to mphwhip it outtorbrowser freezes53 KB JPGchrashes2: -rebootsball the pages I spent an hour pulling up are goneapenis deflates and I lay down, staring at theceilingView Thread

/fit/ lad chats up a horny lass

/fit/ lad chats up a horny lass 5 Anonymous 01/ 22/ 17( Sun) 14: 23: 12 No.401 094822240097421 if2 go to mobile phone shop to buy a cheap Nokiacute customer care associate is all over meSomebody as big as you can handle a nicerphone than that" she winksshe clearly wants the D2 get new iphone and she is impressedshe gives me a special for me withhands free headset, car charger and Angry Birdsphone case forcast more if I sign up for 24month contract which is fine,2 winks again and touches my armplanning on going back to buy a third phone so Ican get her digitsit 2240111810 it

/Fit/izen using psychology to get GAINZ

/Fit/izen using psychology to get GAINZ Or is it a temperary thing.If I step using my placebo will it tix itself'?

/v/irgin meets a girl

/v/irgin meets a girl i Anonymous 01/ 23/ 17( ddon) 14: 06: 01r: -talk to girl in second lifeANI: it offsexchange contact infostart skypingddo this for a few monthssuecide to meet up at dragoncon in Atlanta andshare a roomr: -aww yes, time for actionffirst day thereshaving funand his 2 bros compliment her zero suitcostumesshe keeps talking to themay I have to use the restroom and will be rightbackr: -come backtthey' re gonebsearch around and start calling hernnothingr» -fuck it, I' ll enjoy the con myselfggo back to hotel room laterddid I hear somethingopen doorr» -can' t open it fully because of that slide lock orwhatever you call itccan see her getting triple teamed by thein the mirror by the doorr: -have to wait until they' re finishedsmells like sex and I' m pissed

anon expresses his love for McDonalds

anon expresses his love for McDonalds t.720359124Have you guys ever purchased aMcdonalds big?

Programmers on suicide watch

Programmers on suicide watch Anonymous 01/ 30/ 17( Mon) 18: :How do i learn this efficientlywithout falling a sleep on boringtext books?5 CFC)i Anonymous 01/ 30/ 17( Mon) 19: 32: 27it' s not worth learning for the average person.

Normal guy in a monster girl world

Normal guy in a monster girl world dogbro pounce teacer IS asking Wynn want to was charges menus!the cyan that any humped you an the busman, how sauna's an anima that here?

/adv/ on ear stretching.

/adv/ on ear stretching. 5 Anonymous Oft/ 01/ 1 7( Wed) 1 3: 53: 37 No.18011853Ear stretchingSo, it' s been a couple of monthsi , and noly earlobes are kind ofi always irritated, even when I carevery much for them.

Anon drives to work

Anon drives to work Anonymous mow/ 01: 15] 112178539.ago onbbe meon outskirts metropolitan areasevera day make this commute on freeway000 people use it everyday and pay tollsis only 4 lanes, 2 lanes each directiontthey' been doing road work for over 4fucking yearsnnothing has changedday it' s bumper to bumpereevery other day there is a car crashroad's minutes to everyone' s commutehoundreds of thousands in property damageseach yearbajillions spent on laborit' s just brown people working on theroadlitterally just 6 people standing there watchingone person dig with a shovel

/pol/ anon on "The Fredpill"

/pol/ anon on "The Fredpill" 7 MB, 1920x1078) google cancles gm w_ aitLl The Fredbill Anonymous (ID: ).liie ( Tue) 01.