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Memes with a spiciness of around 30 000 scolville units

Memes with a spiciness of around 30 000 scolville units had an argument on facebook 5 mns agoRoses are red, her orgasm was fake.11 mns agoThe Dawn of Gastonne Part 2- Ass ton 36 mns agoThe Dawn of Gaston Part 1 37 mns agoYou're a black man joining in an anti-identity politics meme.

Death of Hope - Warhammer 30.000 Short Film

Death of Hope - Warhammer 30.000 Short Film n Death of Hope CL ' Home Find FriendsDeath of HopeHomePostsReviews d, Liked _ alh Following _ at Share.Send MessagePhotosAbout Mark invited you to like this Page Movie5011111Community Show that you' re interested in this Page by liking it,create 3 ; " Very responsive to messagesif Status E I _ Community See AllInvite your friends ts like this PageWrite something en this Page.

call me names fj

call me names fj A secretary has been awarded a , 000payout from her employers after hermanager made a sexist remark.A judge ruled Marion Koyczan, 62,deserved "every penny" after formeremployers BAE Systems tried to pull backthe huge sum claiming it was an “affrontto justice" over "one sexist comment".

Historical photos part whatever, NOW IN COLOR

Historical photos part whatever, NOW IN COLOR 30,000 Russians queue for the first McDonald's in the Soviet Union, January 30th 1990 Atomic cloud over Nagasaki, Sept 8,1945, taken 15+ minutes after the explosion, seen from a distance of 15 km.50 years ago an accidental rocket launch aboard the USS Forrestal hit a fighter on the deck piloted by John McCain.

More Votes than Voters in Chicago

More than 14,000 votes were cast in Chicago during the 2016 general election than there were voters to cast them, based on separate figures released by the Chicago Board of Elections, the chairman of the Chicago Republican Party has reported.An earlier post on the board's website said that 1,115,664 votes had been cast.


HE HAS BEEN JAILED! 26 May 2017, Martin Shirely posted this:i' ll put up , 000 for informationleading to the arrest of Seth Rich' skillertheu Iceman pillar:3 SharesAnd then, a few months later (30 August 2010.lilt Then Is.

which FJer is this?

which FJer is this? Polish woman dedicates her life to sleepingwith 100, 000 men (and, funnily enough, herboyfriend says he is 'not thrilled' about it)Ania is said to have started her quest in Warsaw last monthShe has set up a Facebook page and a biog to chart her exploitsq She reportedly said her boyfriend has 'had to owe to ten' with it'