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Diplomatic bags in secret

lilli) lla MISUSE OF
Each diplomat can carry
a unique bag as entering
foreign countries.
The bag is called a diplomatic bag
containing classified information
and important documents.
The pouches cannot be opened
by immigration officers under
the international protocol.
As making use of the rule,
North Korean diplomats have smuggled
many items in and out of North Korea.
Allt nerve agentjay used to
kill Kim Jong Nam on Feb. Ill, NO.
And it was carried with diplomatic bags.
h Mar. 2016
North Korean diplomat was
ousted from Singapore
for smuggling of gold.
On Dec.
two North Korean diplomats were
caught for smuggling rhino’ s horns.
h June, 1996
three North Korean diplomats were
kicked out of Zambia for smuggling cocaine.
North Korea has continued
to misuse such diplomatic privileges
to earn foreign money.

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