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Now you can replace your face with a giant cat emoji in Snapchat videos

Your snaps are about to get a whole lot more cartoonish — especially if you’re an emoji fan.

To date you’ve been able to include emojis in your snaps, but they’ve been stationary, simply sitting within the video. Now, Snapchat is changing the way emojis behave in videos. When you put an emoji on your face, it moves with you in the video. Android users can move, rotate, and scale their emojis within videos on Snapchat. An update to the iOS app is expected “very shortly.”

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Basically, you can now stick a big ol’ yellow smiley face over the top of your face and have it move around the screen with you. Don’t worry, if you happen to have more than one person in your snap, you can attach emoji to multiple faces, too. And you’re not limited to popping emojis on faces, either. You want a plane to fly around the screen? No problem. If you’re against change and want to stick with static emojis, you’ll also still be able to keep them in one place.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen moving stickers in an app. YouTube built a similar feature right into its video editor. Not only that, but Snapchat has been moving in this direction for months now, with its various animations. Sure, it’s a small update, but it will certainly help users get a little more creative on the app.

Its willingness to experiment has helped Snapchat remain popular over the years. While simple video messaging is cool enough, Snapchat knows that it can’t expect its users to do the same thing for years on end. Allowing users to get more creative generates more views, which in turn helps increase Snapchat’s appeal to advertisers.

To take advantage of the new feature yourself, you’ll need to update Snapchat on your phone. Again, the feature is currently only available to Android users, but the iOS version of the app should get it in the near future.

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