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Just some fallout lore

1945 _ End of World War ll
Semiconductors are never invented
1969 - restructures into 13 commonwealths
Four states
2037 - Mr Handy personal helper running on nuclear
power can survive for hundreds of years
2042 - Robco industries invent the arm mounted
PACBOY and the Securitron personal security robot
2044 - Nukacola is a big hit its shiny bottle caps
latter become an unofficial currency across the
roill TIMI...
it an WRT'
t in
2051 - Oil reserves depleted. The US. annexes
Mexico to replenish supplies
2052 - Plague sweeps the planet Wars break out
across continents. European nations invade the
nations, The U. N. is disbanded.
2054 - Government commissions
industries to build 122 underground vaults for public
safety. They are actually bizarre social experiments
intended to launch a rocket into space with V i P s
and colonize another planet,
Shae alut will Trut
2066 - China invades Alaska for oil refineries.
2067 - Wester invents Power Armor to light off
Chinese invasion
2073 - wester invents Forced Evolution virus to
create the first super mutant
2076- Tired of moving around Canadian borders to
defend Alaska, Canada is annexed
2077 - Bombs destroys the world in under 2 hours
The vaults are sealed and the U S government runs
from an onshore on rig repurposed
Survivors go underground, the government renamed
as the Enclave They the vaults and wait for
fallout to clear to recapture their facilities on the
3 Ni
some of the Enclave members learn of the twisted
plans Intended for SUI vigors, then Brotherhood of
Steel is born to light the Enclave for control ofthe
2078 - The Enclave exposes Washington D c to the
virus The mutants they created kidnap survivors to
create more mutants
2189 - Vault descendants found their own
government, the New California Republic (NCR)
2277 - "Fallout 3" The Enclave intends to spread the
FEV through a nerdy repaired water system Instead
they are defeated by the Brotherhood orstein
2281- A great battle occurs for control over the
Hoover Dam Power restored, but no one outside the
area knows who won
2287- A single dweller emerges from Vault ill to
ore the remains of a destroyed Boston

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