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Souls Lore 2 - Elana and Sinh

Shulva the Sanctum City was a city built deep below the land in a large cavern. The city was founded around a sleeping dragon, Sinh which was discovered by the Sunken King.
Giving great status to the slumbering beast, Sinh achieved an almost god-like status amongst the city folk. Priestesses sung to the dragon to make his sleep peaceful and they protected him.

An unknown time after the city's founding, Elana appeared by the Sunken Kings side. Helping him govern over the city as Queen and head Priestess to Sinh, the city grew and somewhat prospered.

After many years of peaceful reign, a murderous cult of Dragon Hunters known as the Drakeblood Knights invaded Shulva. The Knights who worshipped and wished to understand the power of Dragon Blood overran the City seeking Sinh.
Led by the mighty Sir Yorgh, they pushed their way through all of Shulva's defences, even killing the Sunken King.
Sparing Elana, Sir Yorgh attacked Sinh and pierced his side. The slumbering dragon awoke, and after years of sleep the toxins which built up within him were unleashed.

The poisonous gas was so consuming that Yorgh, as well as the whole city fell to it. Blanketing the whole cavern in it's toxicity, only Elana survived.
The poison, combined with the Undead Curse gave rise to incredibly strong and dangerous Hollow Warriors.

A furious Queen, Elana bided her time waiting for a day where she could seek vengeance for the death of her husband and the destruction of her people.
Deep within the City she waited with Sinh, gathering souls and becoming slowly stronger...

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