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NBA 2K16: Throwback Thursday Card Reviews (4/11/16)

Hey guys, it’s Robby from Two Brothers Gaming again here with some more NBA 2K16 My Team Throwback Thursday card reviews! Every week in NBA 2K16’s My Team mode, there are Throwback Thursday cards released with specific players’ highlight seasons. Each week here on Operation Sports, I’ll be highlighting these players and showing you stats, badges, individual attributes, and everything related to each player. If you pull one of these cards, you’ll know what to do with them! Don’t forget to watch the accompanying video review as well.

Let’s get into it:

The point guard market is flooded! This is a replication of Deron Williams’ franchise-record 57-point outburst, including 21-21 from free throws, back in 2012. 15 badges, an 85 Standing Shot 3 rating and 98 Draw Foul with 99 Free Throw all stand out to me, as does his 96 overall Playmaking. Williams has the speed and athleticism to finish plays or get to the line, and his defense even sees a bump to serviceable ranges. There aren’t many weaknesses to this card besides Williams not dunking a ton. This will be a very useful card, and it seems Williams consistently flies under the radar in My Team. If he’s going for a reachable price, get him!

This is the most useful all-around Ray Allen card that’s been released, as the Rewards Ray Allen lacks some things Celtics Ray has—mid-range shooting is the biggest thing. I love Allen’s three-point shooting, and that’s what you’ll get from the card, as well as solid defense and athleticism. This card will surprise some people with how good it can be online, even if it’s just as a decoy to scare your opponent. Allen will find use in many lineups. Grab him.

I wish this card was a 79 instead of an 80! It would find much more use in the Silver tier than Gold, and overall, I can’t justify a spot for it or recommend it at Gold tier. Nene has a nice 95 Standing Dunk and 87 Standing Shot Mid, but is light on the rebounding and defense. I’d look elsewhere.

Afflalo’s best season came in 2014 when he was the go-to guy for the Magic and led the team in many categories. I like his shot form and 88 Standing Shot 3, he shoots okay from the free throw line, and has enough defense to get by. This is a solid card, but unspectacular. He isn’t ultra-athletic and will probably be replaced quickly.

That’s it for this week. If you’d like to see the players in-game, be on the lookout for more videos, and if you have any questions I can be reached on Twitter @twobrosgaming.

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