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No Man’s Sky wipes your discoveries after two weeks [Update]

Update (08/27/2016): The user who first discovered that No Man’s Sky wipes your discoveries has updated his post to reveal that after re-downloading and reloading the game several times, his discoveries reappeared. The user believes it might be a server bug that is causing this issue. You can read more in the updated post.

Original story: One of the biggest selling points of No Man’s Sky for many folks was that they could name solar systems, planets, animals, plants, and regions within planets to whatever they wanted (provided it was family friendly, of course).  In what seems to be a recurring theme for this game, it turns out that this feature isn’t exactly what was promised as several players are reporting that, after two weeks, their discoveries get erased from the game.

After playing for a little over two weeks, one Reddit user decided to return to the system he started the game from. After many hours of travel, he finally made it back to where his journey had begun only to discover that all of the planet locations, plants, and animals he named were reset. He traveled to some of the neighboring star systems and found that all of the names he created were wiped, too. His planet and star system names were still intact, but everything else was wiped from existence.

People who replied to the original Reddit thread have confirmed that their discoveries have been wiped as well, meaning that this is not an isolated incident. Some in the comments believe that keeping a database of names eats up a lot of memory, even if it is just text data. Because of that, names have to be wiped after a period of time.

Though planets and solar system names aren’t erased, it still stings to know that everything else you bothered to carefully name will be erased after two weeks. This sort of defeats the purpose of even bothering to come up with a clever name for plants and animals. I understand that Hello Games doesn’t want to overload their servers with this sort of stuff, but it is something that could have made clear to players beforehand. The bad news just keeps on piling up for No Man’s Sky, it seems.

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