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Norwegian anon meets a hero

I met my hero today iroll Anonymous [Ill ..t. . H ) 2' tytyty Net) ) . egg
pit finally comes
tvduck at at 'laggers standing near me
llooking to enter in the back ofthe buss to avoid paying
t: -this driver stops but only opens the from door for me
yell for him to Caen up back
st: -us driver pretends he doesn' t even hear them chime out
gust as he just barely set foot in the bus the door slams shut
sniggers grabbing the doors trying to open them
slanging on door
tthe mad led fucking Ignores them and doves off
pl nod at the bus driver with eyes full oi admiration
the just grins while stroking his Santa beard
I' m glad ere are still heroes like this guy in my somali at kebab infested we Mry.
pie related. its what the bus looked like
El Anonymous (T: -1 E tla/ : 33 It
File tfil KB, )

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