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Fallout Shelter Update teases Nuka World

Last month, Bethesda released a major update for the mobile game Fallout Shelter. This update added a new Quest feature which allowed players to send teams of vault dwellers into the wasteland where they had story-based missions. The initial crop of quests had some fun moments (Oh that treacherous Paula Plumbkin) but diligent players have already begun to run dry. Teams of dwellers have been loafing around their vaults with nothing to do until the brief Daily Quest drops. The new update, out now, adds in more quests as well as new kinds of quests, and some Nuka World flair to promote the upcoming DLC pack.

The new kinds of quests include a Weekly Quest, which will roll out every Friday and augment the existing Daily Quest system. The update also introduces special event quests that are only available for a limited time. The first of these ties in with Nuka World. Overseers can send out dwellers to rescue the Nuka World theme park mascots “Bottle and Cappy”. This quest-line is fairly short, with five missions that each take a couple of hours to complete. After Bottle and Cappy have been saved, they will periodically visit the vault. Once inside, they will wander around and dance, flailing their misshapen limbs to the delight and horror of the dwellers. Overseers who click on these disfigured freaks during their dance will be rewarded with caps and Nuka Cola Quantum.

Bethesda says that Holiday Quests will be available, although no specifics were given on what the first holiday event will be (Last year the game celebrated Halloween and Christmas). Several new long-term quests are available as soon as the update is installed including an epic search for “Rackie Jobinson’s” baseball jersey. Players are still limited to just three active quests at a time, so the current batch of content should keep them busy for a while. This update is available now for iOS, Android, and PC.

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