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Microsoft (MSFT) news recap: Bing Rewards leaves India, Lenovo pre-loads Microsoft apps, report hate speech and more

Microsoft (MSFT) news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft shutting down Bing Rewards in India, no sign of Microsoft Rewards replacement

Microsoft has taken the decision to remove Bing Rewards from India. As the company begins its transition from Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards, it seems that Microsoft Rewards will not be arriving in India.

In a new cross-platform licensing agreement, Lenovo will begin to pre-load Microsoft apps on some of its Android devices, extending Microsoft’s reach across competing mobile platforms.

Hate speech and harassment is rife across the internet, but there’s no central method of dealing with it. In some cases, it is best to go to the local enforcement organisation, however, they can’t always do anything. Then there’s also the option of reporting it to the webmaster of the site on which the hate speech and harassment originated, but they’re generally not under any obligation to take action. Now, Microsoft has taken a lead role by creating dedicated forms for reporting hate speech, along with a separate form for requesting to reinstate content.

More details emerge on Microsoft’s Surface as a Service leasing plans

Microsoft is shifting some of its product portfolios on to the Software as a Service and Hardware as a Service billing arrangements, meaning that customers can opt to pay over a defined period, as part of a credit agreement. More details have been found on Microsoft’s new Surface as a Service leasing plans.

Microsoft and Kalaam Telecom have reached a licensing agreement which will mean that its software, hardware and third-party software will be available to SMEs and enterprises in Bahrain on an ‘as a service’ basis. This agreement will assist Bahrain businesses in gaining access to Microsoft’s portfolio of products and services to help run their businesses with services that assist in managing business transactions, web hosting and streaming media.

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