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The best slice of life anime you never knew were a career option

Ash Ketchum from Pokemon isn’t the only guy who’s ever wanted to be the very best like no one ever was. In anime, we see tons of protagonists fueled by their mighty need to reach the top of their games.

“Slice of life” anime is a wonderful genre that follows a niche of everyday life in minute detail. Through these kinds of shows, we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of activities we never knew we could be number one at, like cheerleading, making bread, drawing, and so on and so on. Learning about a whole slice of life we never knew about is half the fun of watching anime.

Below, check out our list of top anime that show us what life is like for those struggling to be the best at activities we’ve never even given a second thought.

If seeing all these everyday life series has put you in the mood to watch some anime, why not head on over to Crunchyroll and get lost in an abundance of slice of life entertainment.

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