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It’s scarves and soldiers in August 2016’s SQUADRON Loot Anime crate

For a country that can’t have its own military in the strictest sense, Japan loves anime about the military. It doesn’t even have to be about wartime drama or strategy on a realistic battlefield. It could be about high school girls engaging in varsity tank warfare. This month’s Loot Anime theme is SQUADRON, and it’s full of pseudo-military goodness.

In terms of camo-wearing, rifle-hefting, saluting military things, the closest item in the crate is the phone charm, which looks like a set of dog tags. The rest of the crate is more about robots, magic, and general weirdness, but the theme still stands and the crate is still solid.

The crate starts with two nice pieces of clothing. There’s an Anti-Magic Academy scarf in white, blue, and orange (the flag colors of the Republic of Portal) and a GATE t-shirt with the crest of the Empire.

Gundam fans will be pleased by the inclusion of a Gundam Assault Kingdom trading figure. They’re not-quite-Gunpla figures about four-inches tall, with lots of articulation and decent detail for their size. I actually collected a couple before this crate; I already had Shining Gundam and Master Gundam from G-Gundam, and the crate added the Anti-Earth Union Group (A.E.U.G.) version of the RX-178 Gundam Mk. II.

The crate also includes a manga, volume 1 of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, which is about a robotic fleet that blockades all the oceans of the world and the plucky sailors who fight it (and, of course, the android/AI who defects from the fleet to join them).

That’s already a ton of stuff, but Loot Anime also threw in a paracord carabiner multi-tool thing from GATE. It’s not much of a multitool per se, basically just a bottle opener and a fixed-size wrench, but it’s still handy. Mostly for the bottle opener.

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