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Boot up video confirms PS4 Slim is real

Yesterday, the internet blew up over what appeared to be images of a PlayStation 4 Slim. This caught many by surprise as they didn’t think a slimmer PS4 was in the works (not to mention how no one was expecting news of this kind to drop on a Sunday). We gave our analysis and thoughts on this console earlier today but were still not one hundred percent certain if this machine was legit or not. Today, we finally have confirmation that the PlayStation 4 Slim is very much real.

The authenticity of the system was confirmed by Eurogamer, who sent DigitalFoundry’s Richard Leadbetter to visit the person who bought the system from Gumtree. In the video below, you can see the PS4 Slim being booted up. Leadbetter had some hands-on time with the system, though the video states that nothing about that experience will be posted until next week.

As we previously reported, Sony will be holding a special event in New York City on September 7. We believe that the company will officially unveil the PlayStation 4 Neo, but it is also possible that it will also show off this slimmer PS4. If you recall, a report from late June said that Sony would be revealing both a slim PS4 and the PS4 Neo at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. That event takes place a week after the Sony NYC event so, with all the information in front of us, it is reasonable to assume that both events will give full details about the two systems.

For now, we should be glad that the PS4 Slim has been confirmed to be legit. Speculation and rumors are fun, but we’ve had enough of that this year. We’ll certainly learn more about this system in short time so stay tuned for any updates.

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