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Sony is making PlayStation Plus $10 more expensive

If you have been enjoying subscribing to PlayStation Plus for $50 a year, we have some bad news for you. Sony has announced that, starting on September 22, the price of PS+ will be raised to $60 in North America. This marks the first time the price of the subscription service has seen an increase since its launch in 2010.

According to Sony, this new price is more reflective of “current market conditions.” Xbox Live has been $60 since the Xbox 360 days, so this price isn’t exactly unheard of or wildly unreasonable. Three-month memberships are increasing from $18 to $25, while one-month subscriptions will remain at $10. If one’s service expires after September 22, they will be asked to pay the new price when they renew.

This price hike may sting, but it is a wise business decision on Sony’s part. This new price will be initiated at the very start of the holiday buying season. More importantly, the PlayStation brand should see an influx of new users thanks to the launch of the PS4 Slim, PS4 Neo, and the PlayStation VR. Out of those three, only the latter has been confirmed to launch this year, but given how Sony will potentially be unveiling two new systems during the Sony NYC event and the Tokyo Game Show, it is possible that those two are also launching this fall. With so many new users, raising the price of PS+ is a tactically sound move.

PlayStation Plus is required to play online, so many will be forced to pay the $60 price in order to continue doing so. The $10 price increase isn’t so bad, but considering how the free games that PS+ has been offering over the last year have been somewhat lackluster, paying $60 a year may not be worth it to some — especially if they aren’t avid online players. If you don’t wish to continue paying for PS+, make sure to disable auto-renew in the PS4’s settings before September 22.

If you want a sneak peek at the PS4 Slim, check out the gallery below.

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