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Anon and the girl obsessed with sonic

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i Anonymous 08/ 21/ 16( Sun)’ : 48: 50 No. 349216849
ours. wt:
At my school there was this girl like that
obsessed with Sonic
always carry a note pad with her
26 KB JPG of Sonic drawings
Gerade Gllt cringe and
I know goes up to her and says to her face
Sonic is dead"
r: -She screams like a banshee in a midnight breeze
r: -You have wakened the witch. jpg
the face of a regret on the guys face
face will be burned in his family for generations to
screams as her drawings spill out of her underbelly
runs like Sonic with her arms back
left a drawing
slt was her having a threesome with Sonic and Silver
r: -You think she was in between them?
was pegging Sonic while he kisses and gives Silver
a handy
2: -I burned the page
bleached my eyes
She was the female Chris Chan I shit you not Luckily
she' s got her life together.

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