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Anon is a trashman

5 Anonymous 08/ 1 an 6( Thu) 09: 38: 43 No. 700047370
Since y' all like work stories, I
figured imma share this one
ffirst week working as a
ggo pick up the trash from this
one house that' s a bit isolated
from the others
tthink spruces circling the yard, standing about
tall, you can see inside the yard only from the
tthe yard itself isn' t that big as it seems, maybe
per side, filled with old house electronics
and scrap metal
aand the house is small as fuck, probably has
about 3 rooms and half of its' yellow paint has
crumbled away
ggo for the fucker' s trash, smells
aas I empty them in the trashcan, notice that it' s
with diapers, some have even mold in
a slightly disgusted facial expression
ffuck it and forget about it
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