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Anon is a lice expert

What fucked up thing do YOU do?
I' m a bald man, and yes I' m
pissed off about it. So what I do
is I buy lice online (yes, you can
legally do this, either in egg or
lice form), put them in a plastic
sealed box and go into a cinema. It doesn' t
matter if it' s during the day or night. Once in their
and in a packed showing, I open the box and
sprinkle a few lice on the heads of the people in
front of me. When the cinema is very dark I hurl
the box over the crowd. It' s a small box so they
won' t hear much, but by the team I leave most
people are freaking out/ scratching their heads.
196 KB JPG
I do this twice a week, and have done for the past
4 years.
i Anonymous 08/ I 8/ I 6( Thu) 1 9: 42: 51 No. 700039204
OP! if
That' s a picture of fucking rice.
Rare form of lice only found in Japan.

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