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The Internet Reacts To Pokémon's Biggest Loser

Last night’s episode of Pokémon XYZ sure is good at eliciting opinions from the internet.

As Kotaku first reported, Ash just competed to win the Kalos League in the most recent Pokémon XYZ episode.

In nearly two decades, this was his best chance to win his first official league championship.

Of course he did.

The teaser hyped up the possibility of an Ash win, so going into the episode, folks were excited. Instead, they saw their dreams of an Ash win crushed.

It probably didn’t help that this episode was titled “Kalos League Champion! Ash’s Decisive Big Battle!” It doesn’t say Ash was going to win, but I can see how some people’s expectations would raised that he would.

The dislikes on the teaser clip for next week’s episode shot up soon after the this week’s show.

Let’s have a look at what people have been saying online about the episode and Ash’s loss.

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