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islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition.

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A war memorial built in London to commemorate the one million Canadians who fought alongside British forces during World War II is being desecrated by visitors as it is being used as a water slide and paddle pool.

The monument was erected by Queen Elizabeth in 1994 and is made out of bronze and granite angled slabs that have water trickling down it. The two slabs represent both Britain and Canada and there are maple leaves inserted into the two slabs as well as the country’s coat of arms.

An inscription at the memorial reads, “In two World Wars one million Canadians came to Britain and joined the fight for freedom. From danger shared, our friendship prospers.”

The sign at the memorial reads, “As a mark of respect, please refrain from climbing this memorial.” Despite this, pictures on social media show people climbing on top of the memorial, cooling their feet off in it and playing games on it such as using it as a water slide

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