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Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for August 19-21

For many Destiny players this week was a long time coming, and could have a major impact on the growth and appeal of the fan community surrounding Bungie’s game. For nearly two years Destiny players, specifically those who favor PvP and stream content online, have been requesting private matches, and this week Bungie confirmed private matches will launch with Rise of Iron.

Aside from a few missing features private matches sounds like exactly what Destiny players wanted, giving them plenty of options to play around with. Once Rise of Iron launches on September 20th, the door is open for major Destiny tournaments and fun variations of the basic modes. Also, if players want to settle bets with a simple 1v1 match, they can do that once private matches go live.

Along with the announcement of private matches, Bungie also showed off more story content from the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, including a few details about the new Destiny raid. The Wrath of the Machine will launch on September 23rd and will see players travelling from The Plaguelands, up to the top of the wall in Old Russia, and back down to face off with the new threat. But if they want to succeed in Wrath of the Machine, players will need to make sure they are fully geared for the encounter.

As far as picking up that new gear is concerned, there will be plenty of ways to do so, but most players first exotics may come from Xur’s first weekend in Rise of Iron, assuming he is selling something new. For now, though, Xur is still running through old gear, offering players new opportunities at some old favorites.

This week, Destiny players can find Xur in The Reef. It isn’t often that Xur sets up shop in The Reef, but when he does some players have a little trouble finding him. That’s because Xur’s presence actually opens a door to the right of The Reef spawn that is usually closed. Simply follow the stairs to the side of the Vault terminal and head to the right; Xur should be behind that door.

For exotic armor this week, Xur has the Helm of Saint-14 for Titans, the Bones of Eao boots for Hunters, and the Voidfang Vestments for Warlocks. Both the Saint-14 helmet and the Bones are very useful exotics, offering players some extra perks. Bones are a particularly useful exotic because they give Hunters an extra jump, which helps with platforming puzzles in PvE and helps with maneuverability in PvP.

Xur’s exotic weapon is Invective, a shotgun that fires in full-auto and replenishes its ammo without the need for a restock. Granted, the Invective isn’t as powerful as pump action shotguns, but it is still a solid exotic special weapon.

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

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