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Just Cause 3 Bavarium Sea Heist Gets A Release Date and New Trailer

While the massive open world and creative destruction of Just Cause 3 captured the imagination of longtime fans, there were some who were turned off by the many technical issues and extremely long load times that were unfortunately present as well. Thankfully, Avalanche Studios was not only able to make a number of quality of life improvements, but also added a wealth of new content to the game through a trio of expansion packs. Starting today, season pass owners can start playing through the final section of the Land, Air, and Sea expansion pass known as the Bavarium Sea Heist.

Continuing the loose story line between Rico, the eDEN Corporation and the Black Hand from the previous Just Cause 3 expansions, Bavarium Sea Heist takes players into the coastal waters of Scolio to discover various research stations and a mysterious offshore facility called the Stingray. To help players navigate the water to quickly get to where they need to be, a new rocket boat called the Loochador is available complete with booster engines, multi-lock rockets, and miniguns.

While the new boat is a nice addition, the real prize in this downloadable content appears to be the new weapon Rico eventually acquires called the Eden Spark. Quite simply, this weapon is a lightning gun capable of calling down deadly lightning storms to destroy vehicles and vaporize enemies where they stand. The gun can also be upgraded with gear mods earned by completing the new challenges available, though what sort of effects it will have on the weapon isn’t known at this time.

Like the other DLC packs, players can expect an entirely new location to explore, more missions to complete, a new challenge type centered around the new gadgets, and the previously mentioned lightning gun and rocket boat. Season Pass owners can start downloading the expansion right now, while the general public will have to wait another week. Bavarium Sea Heist can be purchased individually for $5.99 or players can opt to grab to grab all three expansions in the season pass for $24.99.

Already, Just Cause 3 has evolved considerably since it launched in December of last year. The first expansion known as Sky Fortress gave players a Bavarium Wingsuit, essentially turning them into a super hero as the a jet pack came armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher. The second expansion, Mech Land Assault, introduced players to a drivable mech, armed with a gravity gun for ripping down buildings and vehicles, along with standard cannons for causing even more chaos.

Are you planning to rain down elemental death on your enemies or have you already passed the game by? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

Just Cause 3 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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