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Destiny: Rise of Iron Reintroduces Old Iron Banner Gear

Bungie’s popular shooter Destiny has proven to be an experience that evolves over time. Each expansion has introduced big changes to the formula, none bigger than The Taken King which introduced a new story mission complete with cut scenes and character moments, something missing from the base game. Rise of Iron, which launches next month, looks to shake the formula up once again, bringing new content to the game while also looking back to the past by bringing back some old year one favorites such as Thorn and as we know now, classic Iron Banner gear.

While fighting in the new Plaguelands zone on Earth, players will want to be sure to visit Felwinter’s Peak, the new social zone where Lord Saladin and a new vendor named Shiro-4 have taken up residence. Unlike The Tower, where Saladin only appears to headline Iron Banner events, players can find him here selling a new item called Iron Engrams. Collectors will want to picks these up as they decrypt into Year 1 or 2 Iron Banner gear, though Bungie has not confirmed what players will need to purchasing these with.

Alternatively, the new bounty vendor, Shiro-4, is also selling class-specific gear under the House of Judgement faction, which may or may not include old Iron Banner gear that has since been retired once The Taken King launched. These could include classic items such as the Hunter’s Mantle of Perun, the Titan specific Jolder’s Iron Sash, and the Warlock focused Felwinter’s Iron Bond.

These additions join the already numerous updates to Iron Banner, once the popular event returns to the game. Bungie is looking to clean the experience up by adding in four new maps and completely reinventing how reputation is earned. Instead of rewarding those for coming late to the party, Bungie is completely removing the tempered buff and making less reputation required to reach level five. In addition, players will be rewarded with new gear more often, such as finishing a bounty, or reaching a new rank with Lord Saladin.

Just like The Taken King expansion, which launched last year, Rise of Iron looks to improve upon the Destiny formula by not only correcting things that people weren’t so keen on, like the Iron Banner reward system, but also giving players more of what they do enjoy such as customization options and more choice.

Are you excited to see these additional changes come to the Iron Banner? What else are you hoping to see before the game launches next month? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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