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No Man’s Sky Dev is ‘Totally Okay’ With People Disliking the Game

Since No Man’s Sky has just recently come out for the PlayStation 4 and its PC release date is just around the corner, fans of the title haven’t had too much time to explore the supposed 18 quintillion planets and everything else that the first major project from indie studio Hello Games has to offer, so it’s hard to fully gauge the public’s reception to it just yet. Of course, in a medium as diverse and wide-ranging as video games, people are going to have varied tastes, which causes them to gravitate toward different styles that the art form has to offer, and the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, is well aware of these facts, even when taking into account his studio’s own release of No Man’s Sky.

In a recent interview with VICE, Sean Murray discussed the process behind getting No Man’s Sky developed, the challenges he and his team had to encounter along the way, and the public’s expectations for one of the most talked-about games in ages. As far as the Hello Games founder is concerned, when it comes to what people think about the space exploration title, he’s “totally okay” with them disliking it, explaining that he’s “made [his] peace” with fans possibly going on to be let down by the gameplay.

“With our game, often you’re not led to an objective. The game doesn’t hold your hand. And some people will like that. I’ve had people tell me, ‘I like that the game was treating me as intelligent,’ but then what I think they’re saying is: ‘But I don’t think gamers will be able to deal with that.’ I’m not saying any gamers are wrong, but I am totally okay with doing something different, and I will be totally okay with some people not liking this. Over the five years of developing No Man’s Sky, I’ve made my peace with that.”

This isn’t the first instance of the Hello Games founder taking a stoic approach to how the public will react to No Man’s Sky. In fact, Murray’s outlook on the issue of fans potentially being dissatisfied with the space exploration game echoes some earlier sentiments of his that he mentioned just prior to its launch. As it happens, he declared that it will not be for everyone, and may be a “super divisive” topic among gamers.

Aside from fans being unimpressed by No Man’s Sky because of the overall intent and presentation of the game, there are some who may currently have an aversion for it due to a completely different reason. For instance, there have been reports of players experiencing a potentially game-breaking glitch that stems from a bug cropping up while using the title’s pre-order ship. So, while Murray’s stance on being fine with gamers disliking the game is a perfectly healthy mindset for a creator to have, it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t be too keen if people don’t enjoy their playtime because of a technical error.

With that in mind, hopefully Murray and his team at Hello Games will be able to provide a workaround or a fix in one of No Man’s Sky‘s upcoming free updates for the players struggling with the pre-order ship problem. Hopefully, though, should those fans have to simply start over, they will go on to give the fruits of the studio’s labors another go by booting up another save file and making their way toward the center of the galaxy at their own pace.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PlayStation 4, and is set to release on August 12, 2016 for PC.

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