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Overwatch Players Uncover More ‘Sombra’ Clues

Overwatch players are currently busy enjoying the game’s first seasonal event, the “Summer Games,” which went live August 2. The event allows players to collect various in-game items from special loot boxes that are themed after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, as well as enjoy a new Brawl dubbed “Lucioball”, which plays a lot like Rocket League.

But the most diehard Overwatch fans noticed something else in the trailer Blizzard released earlier this week to announce the update: more potential clues about the mysterious “Sombra,” a character many believe could be the game’s next DLC hero following the release of support sniper Ana in July. According to a thread on Reddit, Blizzard embedded an encrypted code within the first few seconds of the Summer Games trailer. The code was found hidden in the slipstream left behind by Tracer at about the :08-second mark.

No one has been able to crack the code just yet, but this isn’t the first time Blizzard has hidden a code inside one of its trailers for Overwatch. Last month, the developer also hid an image with a series of numbers on it within the origins trailer for Ana. Internet sleuths eventually figured out that the code translated to ‘SOMBRA’, which is why everyone is now viewing this latest Easter Egg through the same lens.

PCGamesN has a roundup of some of the additional work that the Overwatch community has put into this Sombra ARG over the last 24 hours. The decoders have now concluded that there are additional clues hidden throughout the rest of the Summer Games trailer and they might be pointing players to seek out a specific location in-game.

Screenshots of these hints can be viewed on Imgur. It should be noted though that the investigation is ongoing and there may be some additional clues that haven’t been discovered yet. One thing that is clear though is that Blizzard really appears to be going all-out in its attempt to build up hype for either Sombra or whoever or whatever it is that all of these Easter Eggs are pointing to. The general consensus in the community is that Blizzard may finally reveal Overwatch‘s next character at Gamescom later this month. The developer used Comic-Con last month to give players an in-depth look at Ana.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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