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Three Classic 16-Bit Disney Games Re-Released For Home Computers

Believe it or not, Disney made some pretty wonderful platformers back in the 90s. Those who remember, or those who simply want to see what all the fuss is about, can now purchase three of those classic games for either Windows, Mac, or Linux – completely DRM-free. The Jungle BookThe Lion King, and the Sega Genesis version of Aladdin are available now on GOG (Good Old Games) with a small discount.

There are no visual upgrades, so fans should not expect one of those fancy remastered experiences, unfortunately. But those who are followers of the classics will be pleased to know each game is keeping its original soundtrack and should play exactly the way they remember it – warts and all. The regular price for each game is $9.99, but there is a special price for purchasing at launch. The 10% off does not do a whole heck of a lot for the price, but “a penny saved…” and all that. Anyone wanting all three can purchase the bundle for $19.99. Each game is also listed as coming with commemorative 16-Bit poster art, but the website is not clear on what that is exactly.

Though all three games were released for both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, Aladdin is the only game whose versions are different. The Sega version of Aladdin was developed by Virgin, while the Super Nintendo version was developed and published by Capcom – who is known for making several other memorable Disney licensed games in the early 90s. That decade was a golden era of prosperity for Disney and nearly every popular film or television show got the video game treatment. This was way before Disney crammed every property it owned into one title, like with Disney Infinity; may it rest in peace. The surprising thing was, quite a few of those games were actually fun. While they could possibly have been meant to be simple cash grabs, they ended up being very memorable.

It is always nice to see old school games making their way back to another generation of gamers, especially when they are reasonably priced. They may lack the tight controls and frills of some of today’s modern 8 and 16-Bit throwback games, but they are fun for a lark.

The Jungle BookThe Lion King, and Aladdin rereleases are available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free through GOG.

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