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Heartbroken mother, 55, of teenager who
hanged himself over false rape allegations
kills herself after first anniversary of his
death because she ‘couldn' t see a future
without him'
Karin Cheshire, SS, found hanged at her home in Southampton, Hampshire
Her death teams almost a year after son Jay, 17, killed himself In same way
Mr had been aroused of rape but allegations were withdrawn
Family said Ms Cheshire would not any on' after her son' s death
They are new demanding an Investigation into the Initial rape claims
PUBLISHED: 21: 59 '. 00,. 29 July EDIE I UPDATED: 23: 31 . 29 July 21115
The heartbroken mother of a teenager who hanged himself over false rape allegations has new when
her own We in the same way shortly after the anniversary of his death.
The family of Karin Cheshire, 55, revealed she couldn' t see a future without hereon Jay,
whose body was found in a park near their family home.
The was desperate to investigate the allegations against her son because
we police mishandled the situation.
But she fell into a deep depression and her brother Simon Cheshire, 58, said his distraught sister
simply couldn‘ t see a future without her son.

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