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'Pokémon Go' got updated, and not everyone happy with the changes

Pokémon Go just got a huge update on Android and iOS — its largest to date, in fact — and not everyone is in agreement on how to feel about the changes. After nearly a month of almost absurd popularity, it comes as little surprise that Niantic, the app’s creator, is making some adjustments, but a number of players are a bit perplexed as to a new feature (or lack thereof): the complete elimination of the Distance Indicator, or “steps.”

For weeks, players thought that there was a bug in the Pokémon Go app that made it seem as though every Pokémon was three steps away. But instead of fixing this with the app update, Niantic has just decided to do away with the number of steps altogether. That means that all you know now about the location of your next capture is that it’s somewhere in the general vicinity. Great. Super helpful.

Apparently, this decision was made as a result of safety concerns, as geolocation seems to often come with rather alarming side effects. Still, players probably won’t be too pleased about the change.

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But there’s quite a bit of good news too! Thanks to the latest update, you can recustomize your character, even after you’ve created him or her. When it comes to battle, Damage Per Second (DPS) has been improved for almost all moves, which is said to make combat all the more entertaining. Lots of nests across the globe (because remember, this is truly an international game) are now spawning different species, which is keeping things interesting for those who have been playing for quite some time now.

And finally, you can now save yourself from accidentally transferring your favorite Pokémon thanks to the elimination of the transfer button from the bottom of the game’s details screen.

So get back out there, Pokémon lovers. There’s a whole new world for you to discover.

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