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At least dogs are loyal

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Men are fucking dogs!
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and women ain' t any fucking better.
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Mew years ago I met a guy. Really nice guy. Probably one of
the nicest guys you could ever know. We became good friends and chatted
often. Occasionally, he would call me matte ask how I was. You know, the kind
fething a tienda would do. Anyway, one day he asks me to come to his house
and look at his computer. Says its been slow and maybe had some viruses or
whatever. so rm like, yes. no sweat! And, we go to his house where he
introduces his wife. A girl wwent to school with. She tries to seduce me and get
me to sleep with her. I feel disgusted and refuse. some time goes by and this
girl messages me one day to tell me her husband left her. When I ask why, she
tells me because she cheated on him and he found out And now, she posts
this status message on Facebook, "Men are fucking dogs!". I can do nothing
but LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS DWI! Thank you for making my dayle (ii)
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