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How to install Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile with PoGo UWP

We recently announced that PoGo UWP, a third-party client that brings Pokemon Go to Windows 10 Mobile, is now available in a beta state. Windows 10 Mobile users can now take part in the Pokemon Go phenomenon, however, not until they’ve gone through some steps that are a little more advanced than the average user would expect to follow in order to install an app.

Here is how eager players can grab the code for the app and get it set-up on their Windows 10 Mobile device.

A Pokemon Trainer Club account is required to take part in the game, as it is where data is saved. In order to activate the account, however, an Android or iOS device is required – but there’s a workaround.

Next, we’ll be grabbing the code for the app, putting it all together and transferring it to a Windows 10 Mobile device – nearly there!

That’s it. Once you’ve followed those steps, you should be able to begin playing Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile. You may experience issues throughout gameplay, as this is still in beta, however, the game is open-source, so the Windows community will be assisting in making it more stable over time. You may want to remove the app and follow these steps every now and then to get the latest version.

If you’re a developer and would like to contribute to the app, you can view the GitHub page here.

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