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Souls Lore 2 - King Vendrick

King Vendrick was the once great Ruler of Drangleic. It was he who built the Kingdom in a land of many which fell before it. A King of incredible will and might, it was he and his brother Aldia who led the kingdom into prosperity.
The kingdom grew and grew into one of the greatest around. It was then that it took a turn.

At the peak of the Kingdom a woman appeared before the King. Of unimaginable beauty, Nashandra seduced the King and became his Queen.
With this new found influence, she warned Vendrick of a coming threat, the Giants from across the Sea. Being pre-emptive, Vendrick chose to attack the Giants before they could strike out against him.

Taken as a spoil of War, Vendrick retrieved an immensely powerful and mysterious artefact. Using the artefact that he had taken, he built an army of Golems which he used to build and reinforce the great Drangleic Castle.

The Giants, enraged by Drangleic's attack and the theft of their artefact retaliated against Vendrick. Besieging Drangleic's land, the Giants destroyed much of the infrastructure and and killed many of the inhabitants.
Although the people of Drangleic won the war, the damage sustained was too great.

With the war over and so much destroyed, the end was not near. The rise of the Undead Curse was the final nail in Drangleic's coffin. With many people falling to the Curse, Vendrick and Aldia began seeking many options to end the new problem.
He rejected relighting the First Flame.

Whilst seeking a third path instead of lighting the Flame or allowing for the Dark, Vendrick learned of his Queen's true motives. Her lust for Power and Darkness was great, and his inability to kill her led to him fleeing.
His exile to the Undead Crypt with Velstadt stopped Nashandra from being able to access the Throne of Want, but resulted in the total collapse of his Kingdom.
Separated from his Great Soul which he sealed deep away, Vendrick eventually became a Hollow himself...

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