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Netflix is down, and you might have to spend Saturday night talking to someone

Proving just how easy it is to throw much of the human race into a total and complete tailspin, the internet appears to be collectively freaking out over its inability to access the video streaming service. Because seriously, what else are we supposed to do on a Saturday night? Go out? Please.

During prime binge-watching hours, Netflix suddenly went black, greeting hoards of dismayed television fans everywhere with a message that read suggested that they were “having technical difficulties,” or “unable to process your request.” Neither one of these explanations, of course, have been sufficient to quell the growing complaints from Netflix users.

The issues appear to be localized to Netflix users using the web player — Apple TV customers seem unaffected by this travesty. But it’s an international issue — Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Switzerland, and New Zealand are all experiencing problems, as per Twitter. And Down Detector suggests that Argentina, Brazil, Norway, New Caledonia, and Nicaragua are also having problems.

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In a statement issued via Twitter, the Netflix acknowledged, “We are aware that some customers are seeing errors when visiting Netflix’s website and we are working to solve this as quickly as possible.”

But for the Twitterverse, it’s clearly not fast enough. (Also, it’s just not fast enough in general — it’s been over an hour, Netflix!)

To be fair, this certainly isn’t a common occurrence for Netflix. The last time an outage made headlines was back in November 2015. Of course, if this did happen any more frequently, we’d probably be dealing with a lot more distressed and disheveled denizens of the internet.

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