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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Re-Release Ports Getting Fixes, DLC

Ever since it was revealed by the Taiwan Software Ratings Board that the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games would be getting PS4 and Xbox One ports, fans of the popular super hero franchise were clamoring for practically any piece of information that they could get their hands on. Now, however, since the titles’ official release date for the current generation platforms have come and gone, a lot of gamers have been somewhat underwhelmed by Activision’s ports for PC and the latest consoles.

With this being the case, Marvel Games’ creative director Bill Rosemann has stated that he and his company are well aware of fans’ concerns regarding the problems contained within the re-releases of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles. As a matter of fact, Rosemann has assured players that the missing DLC from the first entry in the series is “on the way,” in addition to PC fixes for issues that have been plaguing the re-releases since their launch.

As seen in the Rosemann’s tweet below, the Marvel Games creative director not only provides the aforementioned promises, but also states that publisher Activision will eventually share more details about news for the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance re-releases. Unfortunately, though, Rosemann didn’t offer any exact time frame as to when these repairs for the broken PC versions and updates about the DLC are going to occur.

Since the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance current-gen ports are still without some necessary elements, such as the fixes for certain bugs and the missing DLC characters in the first entry, it seems as if fans will be taking a risk if they purchase the titles in their current states at $40 separately, or $60 as a bundle. According to some of the user reviews on Steam, the PC ports are almost unplayable, with some reporting controller inputs not being properly recognized, as well as their inability to be easily mapped to the keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, the PC version of the titles are without visual options that were in the originals.

As seen in the re-release trailers, the games’ graphics are slightly touched up, but that’s about it as far as improvements are concerned. With that in mind, it might be best if gamers hold off on buying either of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ports until Activision and Marvel Games definitively reveal when the titles will be given proper fixes.

Since many consider the two entries in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance franchise to be among the best super hero video games in existence, it’s disappointing that Activision has allowed the titles to have such buggy and problem-filled re-releases. Hopefully, the current generation ports will get the proper treatment they deserve with post-launch fixes soon, and Activision will learn from this messy situation to supply a generous amount of resources in support of these types of renowned properties when, and if it decides to give other older and adored games current generation ports.

The Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games are out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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