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Anon might be gay

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It' s forced because it was never
mentioned at all in the previous
movies that he had a daughter or
husband, and in this one his
32 KB we husband appears more than
once despite not having a single
line in the movie or involvement in the plot.
Nobody else' s family mattered except Sums, but
multiple crewmembers were shown exiting the
ship on York Town and greeting people.
Sulu' s husband was only there to show that Sum
is gay, a gay character was only added for token
diversity points, and Sum was only chosen as that
gay character because George Takei is gay. It' s
the definition of forced.
Listen, I' m queer. I' m gay. I' m homosexual. I' m a
poof, I' m a poofter, I' m a ponce. I' m a bumboy,
battyboy, backside artist, bugger. I' m bent. I am
that arsecandle. I lift those shirts. I' m a faggot-
ass, fingerpicking, uphill gardener.
I dine at the downstairs restaurant; I dance at the
other end of the ballroom. I' m Moses and the
parting of the red cheeks. I fuck and I' m fucked. I
suck and I' m sucked. I rim them and wank them,
and every single mais had the fucking time of
his life. But that doesn' t mean I can' t out a movie
for forcing a homosexual character into a place
that doesn' t matter, just to score brownie points.

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