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Docker for Windows leaves beta, now publicly available

Just a month after releasing the first beta versions of Docker for Windows and Mac OS X, the team behind the popular platform that allow developers to create and test their apps through multiple devices have announced today that the apps are now generally available to the public.

If you already installed the beta version of the Docker app, the app should now update to version 1.12 which includes the following new features and improvements:

You can get more technical details about the latest release, we invite you to watch the following video where Product Managers Mike Goelzer and Michael Friis discuss Docker 1.12:

Going forward, the team will maintain 2 channels for the Docker app on Windows and Mac OS X, stable and beta. If you already installed the beta app, you will remain on the beta channel and get an early look at the latest features and improvements. However, if you prefer to switch to the stable release, you will need to download and install the stable version. You can find the download links for the different installers below, let us know in the comments what do you think of the latest features in Docker 1.12.

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