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All the 80s references in “Stranger Things Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly”

I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You In a disturbing scene full of cross-cutting, we get a teenage love scene, with Foreigner's "Waiting for a Girl Like You" playing in the background, set against the disturbing encounter between Barbara's and the Demogorgon. "Waiting for a Girl Like You" was released in 1981 and appears on the album 4. It would climb up the charts that year, peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on Billboard's Rock Tracks chart. While the song is very well known, not many people realize that the synthesizer work on it was done by a then relatively unknown new wave/synthpop pioneer Thomas Dolby.

Giant Glasses Barbara wears a look that was very popular in the 1980s, large round eyeglasses. They are not looking too good when she wakes up in the Upside Down world, and she quickly takes them off. This is probably a good idea since I think I would rather not be able to see the terrors lurking where she has found herself.

Turntable While turntables have become popular again, they really reached their peak in the eighties and Jonathan Byers has one prominently placed in his bedroom with a nice pair of headphones to wear while he rocks out. I am not sure I agree with the placement of the stereo. It would be nicer if it was closer to his pillow so that he could listen while laying down. Maybe that is as far as it would reach because of a lack of power outlets?

Slingshot The weapon of choice for many kids is the slingshot, and from Dennis the Menace to Bart Simpson, they usually make good use of them to stir up mischief. Lucas's slingshot, a wristrocket actually, is most likely a reference to a darker property, Stephen King's It. There a slingshot played an important role in the battle against a mysterious creature.

Vietnam In 1983, 'Nam still loomed large in American culture and Lucas seems to have an obsession with that war, bringing his collection of Vietnam-era war supplies to the planning session for the Will rescue mission. One could speculate at this point that perhaps his father was a Vietnam vet, but we will learn in future episodes that his attraction to that war and its ephemera might run closer to pop culture lines.

Vertical Blinds The art department really did a great job of capturing the feel of different homes in the 1980's. In Steve's bedroom he has horizontal blinds, but in the larger windows in his house, the Wheeler's house, and other locations you get the very popular vertical blinds. While vertical blinds are still very popular today, it was in the eighties that many people first encountered them in homes.

Calculator Watch A lot of eye-catching vintage watches make appearances in Stranger Things, but probably the most iconic to show up is the Casio Calculator Watch that Mike give to El so that she knows when to meet him. A classic "geek" accessory, the calculator watch has made a comeback recently and you can find it for sale at most online retailers.

Stickers! In the eighties, everyone was crazy for stickers. Yes, this does transcend decades, but I think you needed to live through this particular decade to see how extreme it got. In Stranger Things, stickers are everywhere. Nancy is an especially big fan and they dot her room, her trapper keeper, and of course her locker at school. This fact that seems to make Steve very happy.

Pee Chee Folder The Pee Chee folder went into production in 1943, but like many school supplies, it peaked in popularity in the 1980's before petering out in the early 2000's. Now they are back in full force, which might be why they are scattered so liberally around Nancy's school in Stranger Things. Just look at the kids, over half of them are carrying them, a Trapper Keeper, or both. They have so many, they even leave them laying on desks that no one is using.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe El's escape was very timely as she got to witness the birth of the animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It premiered in October 1983, just a month before the events in Stranger Things take place. She seems taken with it for a moment, but overall is not impressed. She is obviously more of a G.I. Joe fan.

Joyce gets a Cordless Phone The Byers household cannot handle a corded phone. So Joyce embraces the future and gets a cutting edge Cordless Phone. This was very hi-tech for many household during the early 1980s and would have cost a pretty penny. But when you have lightning arcing out of your phone, better safe than sorry.

This Means Something Much like Roy Neary in Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Joyce Byers becomes obsessed with something over the top, Christmas lights. It makes everyone look at her like she is crazy. But just like with Roy her decision is important and will eventually serve to drive the story forward on multiple occasions.

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